Amazon is developing according to a media report, a bracelet with his assistance software Alexa to recognize the emotions of users, and you can respond.

While it was unclear whether the device would actually come to the market, have been working in the Online retailers and, most recently, it wrote to the financial service Bloomberg, citing documents and Involved parties. Therefore, the idea is to listen, from the voice of the state of mind of users.

A already last year published the Amazon Patent described, for example, a Situation in which a woman, Alexa says she is hungry, it coughs and sniffs you. The Software concludes that the user had a cold and suggested her recipe for chicken soup.

Previously, there had been reports on Amazon earphones with Alexa on Board. The trade group had brought a language assistant in his / networked Echo-speakers in many households. But Apple’s competitors-Software Siri and Google Assistant, will accompany users on Smartphones through the day, while Alexa home remains. Its own Smartphone Fire Phone had stomps Amazon 2015 after the first Generation was a flop. The new wristband that works together with a Smartphone App, wrote Bloomberg.