It is the nightmare of every Internet user is visiting a website and already hackers have full access to the device, then tap even the most sensitive data. For an unknown number of iPhone users, this nightmare has become a reality: for at Least two years were snuffling hack their devices. Without the users of them suspected something.

By chance, they discovered a number of websites that were prepared for the attack on iPhones, reported the belonging to Google hacker group, Project Zero, in a blog post. The mere visit to the specially prepared web pages was enough to give the attacker the highest user privileges (“root”). Then you own spy have been able to install programs and data. In addition to images, messages, and the Live location of the password storage on the iPhone was affected accordingly. The owner of the iPhone got nothing.

Hack update Immediately! Fatal error allowed iPhone-Acquisition via SMS By Malte Mansholt iPhone security flaw undetected for years

For the Acquisition of the attackers used only one, but five different previously unknown methods to circumvent the security measures. With these methods, almost all iOS versions of iOS 10 up to the current iOS 12 crack. The experts of Project Zero before, therefore, go from a concentrated approach of a group that has, for at least two years of iPhones to the target. The sites have according to their estimates, several Thousand visits per week. That would mean 100,000 Affected in this period.

A targeted attack on individual people, the experts do not see, however. The Hacker had randomly cracked each device, the pages visited, the blog post. This conclusion makes one wonder. Individual security vulnerabilities in the iPhone are on the black market worth millions of euros. The Hacker had used a good dozen of them for five high-complex attacks. At the right buyers here for sure higher sums would have been to pick, as with arbitrary attacks.

A possible scenario: The Hack servers have been used to lure some high-profile targets there and to get access to the devices. It’s conceivable that the target would be people from the world of politics and the economy. Other visitors of the pages would then have been random victims. An advantage of this strategy: the blowing of the website is not a guarantee of your goal. So, as it is done now.

market development The crisis of the (luxury)-Smartphones By Malte Mansholt So you should proceed

Whether it is affected by the Hack, can not understand the user. The good news: The Hack does not survive a restart of the affected iPhones are so durable in the hands of the hackers. And: With the Update to iOS 12.1.4 the gap was closed already in February. Who keeps his iPhone and iPad up to date, so long before the well-known methods of attack, sure.

For Apple, the message is still a Problem. The iPhone was for many years in comparison to Android devices almost unbreakable. That now not one but five methods are known to take full control, is likely to scrape this Image powerful. Apple itself has not commented on this so far, the press requests was rejected. At least the reaction to the revelation of power, hope: Of Google’s first notification of the problem to the Closing of the gap passed not even a week.

source: Project Zero

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