The Stiftung Warentest has had ovens to the test. Overall, the testers are satisfied with the results: Despite the higher requirements, the devices performed better than the ovens in the previous years. The level of performance is, however, not uniform. A device of Beko and a – very-effective – in oven from Ikea only achieved a satisfactory result in view of the above-mentioned shortcomings, one should refrain better from buying, because there are plenty of good devices.

cleaning is important, as is the case with other devices Foundation bakes test Which oven is best?

Centrally located in the Test and in the household are three disciplines: baking, grilling, and cleaning. Cleaning an oven is one of more unpleasant things in the household and not with the cleaning of other household appliances compare. It makes Cleaning a longer period of time, and form disgusting scabs and smears of grease splashes on the walls, with each baking process to harden, and later remove only very difficult to. Fiddling with special oven sprays is anything other than a joy, particularly as you often have to slide on his knees in front of the device around.

Scrubbing or automatic?

The industry provides, however, a solution: self-cleaning ovens. With the so-called pyrolysis function, the interior of the oven is effortless to clean. The pyrolysis is a special program that the oven is so highly heated that the dirt will burn to ashes. Before cleaning, you must remove the base of the focuser. After the end of the cleaning program, the dust is wiped off. In the area of the windscreen that doesn’t work often with absolute perfection, otherwise the results are convincing. In short: Who wants to have a flawless oven with no effort, can not get around the pyrolysis.

The Problem: This function only offer the expensive devices in the Test. In addition, a cleaning consumes a lot of power. The tester can expect costs of EUR 1.30 per cleaning. However, oven sprays are neither cheap nor eco-friendly. Simplified one can say: The patents for cleaning costs 200 Euro more. For the devices in the sub-discipline of cleaning a “Good””, you have to spend more than 600 euros. Who can live without the function, you can also get a good oven at around 400 euros.

Good kitchen equipment is also cheap hot air fryers at were test – more frustration as delicious French fries Of Gernot Kramper

on The subject of baking received seven devices, even a “Very Good”. Who’s grilling with the oven, for which the selection is small: there are only two very good devices, but both offer no pyrolysis. A pity, because the grilling of fatty meats a pollution-free the oven. The winner of the test was the Bosch HBG632TS1. The device will cost 530 Euro, the back function is very good. Also the handling of the telescopic rails are convinced. Only: it must be cleaned by Hand.

In fourth place, a further Bosch came device. For 645 Euro, the HBG675BS1 also provides an automatic cleaning. The basic cleaning with pyrolysis is very good, to say the tester. Slightly better is the runner-up Neff B55CR22N0 cut off, however, he also has a very good cleaning with pyrolysis, however, costs also whopping 790 Euro. The touch Well there’s also significantly cheaper, but without automatic cleaning: The KBO 42221 of KBO 42221 costs 350 euros and is the cheapest Good. The oven bakes and grills well, but it is quite noisy. In the Test, only ovens without cooktops are.

The whole Test, you can here for a small fee

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