you Ask Apple Fans what they love about the iPhone-the group most call some of the Design – and even more the very well-functioning Ecosystem. Whether a Macbook, iPhone, AirPods, or Apple Watch: Apple products work in General, simple and felt seamlessly with each other. How hard it is to implement, periodically shows Samsung. There, too, if you want to reach such a degree of Integration. However, the customers are not just right.

While Samsung is trying it again and again. Who sets up a Galaxy Smartphone, you will find a number of suitable Apps: SMS, calendar, Browser, payment service – for everything Samsung has pre-installed a program. The idea behind it is clear: As with the iPhone, the Galaxy should get used to-owners of Samsung services. And to grab the next device Samsung. It was now a new Smartphone, the television or a Smartwatch.

Galaxy Fold breakdowns over breakdowns: So, Samsung missed its most important product in years By Malte Mansholt Not a word to Bixby

How little this idea works, shows Samsung’s personal assistant Bixby. Two years ago, as a counter-model to Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant, presented, fact, Samsung everything to push his assistant. Since the Galaxy S8, the Smartphones have their own Bixby Button, last summer, the announcement of a private language speaker followed.

But Bixby just don’t want to start. First of all, the hung language problems: in all the other countries pre-installed wizard, it was initially only in English and Korean. However, since Bixby last fall, German learned not attracted the enthusiasm. One of the most common searches on Google on the subject is clear “Bixby”. The Galaxy-owners want to be rather a pointless button, as Bixby a Chance to. No wonder: With the Google Assistant is one of the best finally, language assistant supplied from the factory.

Samsung seems to have come to terms with it. At the presentation of the Note 10 you mentioned Bixby one Time, and the Bixby-button was removed in the new Smartphones. And also the Bixby speaker, last August, presented, not, according to multiple Move still in the trade. Whether he comes in as currently planned in the autumn, will show up.

What’s going on there? Samsung recommends virus scanning for its smart TV By Christoph Fröhlich disadvantage of a foreign operating system

That Samsung doesn’t get implemented its strategy right is likely to be, especially at a fundamental disadvantage compared to Apple. Unlike the iPhone group Samsung is not programmed his own Smartphone and operating system of your PC. Only TVs and Smartwatches to run with the in-house development of Tizen. On Smartphones and Tablets, the group relies on Google’s Android System, on Laptops, mostly Windows. And on both systems the Samsung Apps are just an Alternative of several.

In the case of iPhones and Macs, the SMS App, the built-in Browser, the Mail and calendar Apps are all from Apple. Those who want an Alternative, you must install active. As a Standard App, but still not set. The result is that most of The users stick with the pre-installed Apps that are synchronized with the already required Apple Account with each other.

Less users lead to worse Apps

Of which Samsung can only dream of. Why create tedious a Samsung Account, if you can use the also pre-installed Google services immediately? Finally, you need for the setup of the device already have a Google account.

In the world of on user data-optimized Apps that’s a death sentence. While Apple and Google know exactly how their users use the Apps, and you can improve it, lose the Samsung services because of the low number of users further and further to the ground. In the case of language assistants as Bixby is particularly pronounced. The less people with the Artificial intelligence speak, the worse the what the users want you to understand. And, accordingly, is used even less.

to Juggle with the three operating systems, Android, Tizen and Windows Samsung also makes the seamless link, the are accustomed to Apple users. The star Test of Samsung’s top TV Q9F (here you will find the article) was about the connection of the Tizen TVs with an Android Smartphone, although it was the Galaxy S9, Samsung’s former top of the range model. At the end of the connection then worked, but after changing to an iPhone was.

developer fair Build Microsoft shows its Vision of the future and Windows is only a footnote By Malte Mansholt cooperation as the key

A Chance Samsung sees in the ever-closer cooperation with Microsoft. How Samsung the Windows-group-can travel alone no overarching strategy between Desktop and mobile use. The private mobile system Windows Mobile has long been set, the Windows-dominated PC loses more and more importance. Under CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has started long ago, to position itself as a Service provider across all systems.

With Samsung just envisioned Galaxy Note 10 the cooperation is even closer. First, Samsung introduced the first Windows Laptop in years. And also on the Smartphone will be diligently created synergies: All the Microsoft Office Apps are pre-installed in Note 10, with an App, the entire screen of the smartphone, under Windows you can view and use. Even calls to give the phone shortly, directly to the PC. The only one provider of house: Apple has been able to before.

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