millions of Songs, anytime, just a few clicks of the mouse or taps of your finger away – the big appeal to music Streaming is easy to understand. No wonder that the number of users go for platforms such as Apple Music, or Spotify for years, always more to the top. However, this not only has consequences for music sales, but also changed the songs we hear.

Because, of course, the countless Playlists and a huge variety of have an effect on how we consume music. The by the MP3 consumer, which started the disintegration of the album is about many times amplified when Streaming individual Songs to be heard. With the endless selection, you also have different kinds of music a Chance – after all, the barrier is much lower if you do not need to buy the songs.

More Streams – more money

The biggest change is but on the business side – namely, the payment of the artist, said the music expert Charlie Harding and Nate Sloan in a conversation with the Tech Blog “The Verge”. Unlike in the case of purchased music, the artists are paid by Streaming per diffusion, playing the Song. And optimize according to your Songs on it.

“You will only be paid if the first 30 seconds of a song to be played,” explains Harding. “So there is an incentive more songs played one after the other, packing the Album with shorter songs full. Drake’s Album ‘Scorpio’ is about 90 minutes long, but full of short songs – because he gets paid for each download of a single song. Regardless of whether you listen to the Album or not.” In fact, the songs had become compared to earlier, much shorter, from 4:30 minutes in 1995 to 3:42 minutes today, so Harding.

entry with the peak

But also changed the structure of the songs. Long Intros, as they were formerly in songs usual, so that DJs could they interfere with live or on the Radio, better, are already a thing of the past. “We are seeing a new Song-structure, we call them Pop-Overture, when you get in the first ten seconds of the song a kind of preview to the Chorus,” reported Harding. “So you want to achieve a catchy-effect and the audience to move up to the 30-second mark.”

Nevertheless, is not the goal of the musicians, to delight the users only for 30 seconds. “There is still an incentive to keep the listener the entire song. Therefore, the Songs are also shorter. You don’t want to lose the attention of the listeners,” says Sloan. There are two reasons for this: firstly, Spotify pays the artists according to Sloan’s more, if the songs be heard to the end. Much more important, however, is that this also increases the Chance to land in one of the most important Playlists. To have “a song in a Playlist, provides for significantly more calls,” explains Sloan.

“There is a drastic growth in the number of songs under three minutes,” agreed Harding. “Lil pump track ‘Gucci Gang’ is just 2:04 minutes in length. On the Album 14 out of 19 Tracks are under three minutes and ten even under two minutes long.” It is wool so that as few of the songs skipped, and a lot of songs to be heard by. A wave of 35-seconds-songs he, however, sees: “there are too many conventions.” At the end of the songs need to appeal to the listeners precisely.