The arms race of the great powers, goes on undaunted. Currently, Russia seems to have taken the lead in the area of very fast missiles, one speaks of Hypersonic weapons.

According to the Kremlin takes every opportunity to demonstrate the performance of these systems. Now, the launch of a rocket in the TV was shown. “Another test launch of a new Russian interceptor missile was conducted by the Russian aerospace defence forces from the training area of Sary-Shagan in Kazakhstan successfully”, announced the Ministry of defence.

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The defense weapon should have hit your target as planned, the Deputy commander of the missile defense unit Vladimir Sergiyenko. The Name of the rocket was not named, but experts assume that the Videos show the Start of a PRS-1M, which has already been tested previously on the site. These missiles belong to the Anti-missile System A-135, which has several types of missiles. They can be launched either from a Silo or a Transporter. The PRS-1M is an interceptor rocket, which is not directed against aircraft or Cruise Missiles. It also has a wide range of applications, such as the Russian systems S-400 and S-500

The PRS-1M has only one task: they will be built for a possible nuclear war, and attacking US is to intercept nuclear missiles and Moscow and other places of great importance.

the fastest rocket in the world

The PRS-1M is a much faster and more deadly than the predecessor of the type 53T6. According to the PRS-1M is supposed to be the fastest missile in the world, and a speed of four kilometers in the second reach, which would equate to approximately 14,500 kilometres in the hour. This speed is achieved, the PRS-1M in the rising Phase and not as the Hypersonic-glider in the Return to earth. In addition, the range in Width and height is one and a half times that of its predecessor.

military Ups: Putin’s “invincible” nuclear missile has been lost in the North sea By Gernot Kramper

The range should now be at 350 km, approaching missiles can be intercepted at an altitude of 50 kilometers. In order to allow the tremendous speed, has developed a special heat shield, and all of the electronics should be designed so that they can withstand an acceleration of 300 times the force of gravity.

The PRS-1M is a real Doomsday weapon that can only be used in a war used that destroys the world. In order to protect Moscow from attacking US missiles with nuclear warheads, the PRS-1M no conventional warhead with a sliver coat. She brings a nuclear warhead with several kilo-tons of explosive force into the target and would detonate at a high altitude. If a whole swarm of these missiles will be used, the consequences would be for the atmosphere, devastating.

the arms race after the end of the ABM Treaty and the air superiority Struna-1 – Russia’s radar, the case against invisible Stealth Jets By Gernot Kramper

The Hypersonic missiles by Moscow is a response to the construction of the US anti-missile shield. In 2002, the United States got out of the ABM Treaty that would have prohibited such a screen. Supposedly, the US should be protection against the Mullah-missile, but in fact, he would take advantage of the “balance of terror”, in which he was to neutralize Russia’s strategic missiles. Moscow has tried, in turn, to the very expensive weapons of the United States outmaneuver. New Hypersonic weapons in the Arsenal of the Kremlin are so fast that you can not be obtained from the missiles of the USA. At the same time, the Russian missiles and warheads, even at top speeds and maneuverability are capable of conventional missiles can not react to it.

exotic new developments, such as the end of the world torpedo Poseidon Added. This underwater weapon, in turn, is far faster than the torpedoes West. Here one fears that Poseidon could ignite in the sea off the coasts of the United States with a hydrogen bomb.

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That would trigger a Mega-Tsunami, a massive wall of water would roll over the East and West coast of the USA.

it is Assumed that the drive technology of the PRS-1M, which accelerates an ascending rocket as it is also used for other missile weapons.

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military Ups: Putin’s “invincible” nuclear missile has been lost in the North sea

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Gernot Kramper