Who gambles is passionate about video games, fight the cliché often with the classic Nerd. So someone sleeps too little and eats too unhealthy, you think, is pale, because he’s going to be a little out of it and a bit of a loner, because you can get it from the console and in a Club. As far as the stereotype. If Extreme-gamer Girlfriends, then the girls with a maternal vein, do not lose hope to make your special loved one but at some point the sun light to be palatable. But if you imagine such a man, rather than a Single.

All of this is not true, in Douglas Martin. He has a radiant Smile and pushes eagerly sports. The Americans playing professionally “Call Of Duty”. Professionally means: He is really good and deserves to be thus real money. Currently, he has chances to win the “World Championship” of the popular ball game.

“Call of Duty” Gamer video gets game of his girlfriend, including rules for the relationship

however, it takes Training. In Douglas’ case: Zocken, zocken, zocken. For other side is not much time for da. Apparently, not even for his girlfriend. And Douglas’ girlfriend anyone: she is smart, successful and pretty as a picture. The presenter Yanet Garcia, 27, was in the United States as the “World’s Sexiest Weather Girl”. If you look at the native-born Mexican, you know why.

The Problem is that Each Partner wants out of his time and attention. And Douglas was not willing to give Yanet both. He formulated according to the “giga.de” that their careers would have brought both “on different paths”. This probably means actually: Yanet was not willing to put their own career on the backburner.

video game vs. relationship

And so ended Douglas Martin a relationship to him, men envied, to want from the for little obvious reason, more time for a computer game. He also announced the separation in addition to online Video on its YouTube channel, which has an unpleasant aftertaste. Well, Yes: One has to set priorities.