Everyone knows Pikachu and co., but the cards of the popular game have now achieved a purchase price, surprised anyway. 107.010 Dollar has introduced a collection of Pokémon trading cards at an auction. The auction house expects more auctions with similar totals. The reason for the high price of the extremely good condition of the cards and the gigantic importance of the brand Pokémon is.

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get the Set it is not any attic-Fund. It was auctioned off a complete Set of the English edition of the collectible card game. Also, the condition of the cards is exceptional: of All the 103 cards received from experts in the review “PSA GEM MT 10” – the Set is absolutely flawless and indistinguishable from new cards. It is not often.

In the Set Charizard is also included (German charizard) card, which is alone attributed a value of well over $ 20,000. One currently on Ebay that is offered card is already at 1800 pounds ($1950) – in spite of the worse condition.

the Pokémon is in the digital transformation

The auction house Goldin anticipates that such deposits increases even more often. The reason: The Millennials are coming slowly to money and grew up with the little monsters. Pokémon are for this Generation for the Transition from the toy age to the digital age, noted in the auction text. How big is the Hype around the brand, it was the mass most recently by the success of the Smartphone game “pokemon Go” consciously.

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Still, it would surprise most people that the brand Pokémon is the most successful Entertainment Franchise of all time. While one tends to think of “Star Wars” or Mickey mouse, are this far behind the Computer-monsters: 93 billion dollars have been earned with films, dolls, Games and co. In the case of “Star Wars” come together “only” $ 65 billion, which is enough for 5th place in the list. Mickey mouse with 70 billion on space 4. Valuable Hello Kitty (80 billion), and Winnie the Pooh (75 billion).

sources: Goldin Auctions, Wikipedia

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