The creators of the TV series stuck frequently in a Dilemma: you want to tell good, unusual stories, the TV stations, in turn, want only a high rate. And even if the audience don’t want to have come true, the classic series is constructed, the longer viewers will stay with the rod. The mash was successful, and the courage was rewarded in the traditional television only rarely.

Then, Netflix came, and the Streaming pioneer seemed, for the first time, bridging the gap from blockbusters and Arthouse to succeed. For the attention of the audience resulted in Hits like “House of Cards”, unusual formats, such as “Bojack Horseman” got plenty of time to over the years a small but loyal Fan-base. The ratings are so important, stressed the Netflix Manager, Ted Sarandos a few years ago. The quality of a series could not be made to Call measure and poison for the creativity of the constant looking at the Numbers on top of that.

Netflix cancels other series

However, Netflix is no longer alone in the Streaming world. In addition to Amazon, Sky and Hulu are still more powerful to wait on the horizon against players, including Disney, Apple, and HBO, which also start their own Streaming platforms. This will force Netflix to rethink: Expensive series, but seen only by a few lovers, can no longer afford the group. One of the first victims was the “Sense8”, the ambitious project of the Wachowski siblings (“the Matrix”), the cross was turned over the globe. A few days ago, the Mystery series “The OA was disposed of” after only two seasons of the animation series “Tuca & Bertie” was also cancelled.

In Hollywood, is now kindled the debate about whether Netflix is still a stronghold of creativity, the unusual formats a fair Chance. As the U.S. technology portal “The Verge” reported practices about Lisa Hanawalt, show runner of “Tuca & Bertie” and one of the producers of “Bojack Horseman”, a criticism of the recommendation algorithm Netflix. Now polarized so much to the Mainstream that it was not recommended to their own series, writes Hanawalt on Twitter. Since the series was discontinued after only three months, have you get never the Chance to find a long-term audience.

Now it comes to the ratio

The case shows that Even in California, Los Gatos, at the headquarters of Netflix, it is now on the rate. A reboot is not sufficient orders, is drawn in contrast to earlier, much faster the plug. The “efficiency” is now the focus of the program planning, writes the usually well-informed “Hollywood Reporter”. The ultimate goal of a series is to attract new subscribers or to keep at least the existing, might cancel in the rod.

Exactly what it did, “The OA” no longer trusts me. Instead of putting more money into a third season, the focus is now rather on a new, promising project, ideally in a less saturated market. That means in plain text: of Course, Netflix continues to focus on global Hits such as “Stranger Things”, but is accompanied more frequently by local productions – Germany about “How to Sell Drugs Online (Almost)”.

fight to the big names

Streaming expert Eric Schiffer said to “The Verge”: “play the game now much more conservative and focused. I think this is very clever.” He also holds Netflix‘ latest Coup for a clever move: The group was able to the betting offer decide the “Game of Thrones”creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss for themselves. The success Duo of Pay-TV channels to try to rescue HBO, takes on Netflix for a record sum of 200 million US dollars in the Hand. “We can’t see wait to see what will bring your imagination to our members, everything,“ said Ted Sarandos, the is for the in-house productions at Netflix responsible.

well-Known names to be the safest way to attract new viewers, think Streaming expert boatmen. “It may cost more, but the risk is low, because you already have a regular audience.”

exclusivity and class instead of mass – these are the tactics Apple uses For its announced streaming service “Apple TV+” the iPhone maker, among other things, with Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and Jason Momoa. If the concept works, it will show. Disney, in turn, the competition wants to cut with his Marvel-super-heroes and powerful brands like “Star Wars” in the water.

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