Washington (AP) – Google is aiming for, according to a report in the newspaper, a permission of the U.S. government, to remain with the Chinese Huawei Corporation in the business.

Here is a question to Huawei Smartphones with the Google Android operating system provide, wrote the “Financial Times” on Friday. The Internet group argue that the end of the cooperation would be bad for the security of the users, it said, citing the talks, people familiar.

The United States had set in mid-may, Huawei on a black list of companies, their business relations to its US partners are subject to strict controls. If you want to sell US technology to Huawei or transfer, you must purchase a license. This can be refused if security interests are affected.

At the same time eased US President Donald Trump, but after a few days, the measures for three months. For users of Huawei Smartphones, the step means, among other things, that Google can supply the phones of today, Huawei customers until the middle of August more fully with Updates and Apps. For the use of US technology in new products, the easing does not apply. Huawei has already announced to bring their own operating system for its Smartphones, at the latest, in the next year to the market.

Google warning now in talks with the US government representatives that the Chinese operating system could have more Software bugs than Android, and thus easier prey for hackers would be, wrote the “Financial Times”. Therefore, the Internet group was campaigning in Washington for a long period of easing of the rules or a complete exception from the prohibition.

Huawei is the second largest Smartphone vendor in the world and also a leading network equipment supplier.