Google’s Cloud-gaming service Stadia, with which the Internet group competes against consoles and Gaming PCs, is coming to the Start in November to Germany.

The idea behind Stadia is, games, to upgraded Google-servers in the network to run, instead of on a user’s device. The prerequisite for this is that the work is a fast Internet line.

Google had announced Stadia in March, but then no information on prices or the game offer is made. Repeated the Internet group on Thursday according to. Who wants to be at the Start in November, you will have to spend, therefore, of 129 euros for the Streaming device Chromecast Ultra and a Controller for game control. The offer includes three months of subscription service Stadia Pro, which cost 9.99 euros. Subscription customers get sharper 4K images and access to a selection of Games.

But the offer disappointed the expectations of some analysts, because in the subscription, mainly older titles are included. Of the current Games just “Destiny 2 is so far” in the process. Others will need to be purchased, as on other platforms also. The will make it for Stadia more difficult to attract customers, said Analyst Pierce Harding-Rolls of research firm IHS, Markit. Google haven’t so far shown that the Internet group can provide to customers better than traditional PC and console platforms.

Also, Analyst Michael Pachter of the financial firm Wedbush stressed, subscription services would be able to sell without a wide selection of content difficult to. “This is when you have a buffet with a chicken dish, a meat dish and a noodle dish,” he told the Financial Times. “If you want to be a Netflix for games, you have to have 1000 Games on offer.” For a few hundred euros you get a game console.

A free Version of Stadia to follow in the coming year. Your users then get as the image quality of Full HD instead of better 4K resolution, as well as just Stereo, instead of multi-channel sound. For 4K images, Google recommends a 35 MBit per second, quick cable, for Full HD are still around 20 MBit per second is necessary. Also important is the response time, because the control commands from the Controller must be able to reach the Server almost immediately.

It is also unclear whether the announced in March this year to transfer the course of the game by Stadia Games at the same time live on Youtube, will be at the Start already available, wrote for the technology blog “The Verge” citing Google Manager. But it should be possible, games start directly from an ad on Youtube – the Download not applicable in the case of Stadia.

The service is to run to the Start on Google’s own Smartphones pixels 3 and 3a, with more to follow. Playing with Stadia on the road is likely to be due to the high demands on speed and response time of the Internet connection, as well as the massive volume of data only with the spread of super-fast 5G networks, is really a reality.