Netflix has set investors after a strong start to the year on weaker user growth. Worldwide, 9.6 million new paid subscription-based were added in the first quarter, the bottom line is that, as the Online video service, according to U.S. stock exchange announced conclusion.

Overall, Netflix brought it to the end of March to just under 149 million paid memberships. For the current quarter of the year, the Streaming giant has unveiled, however, only 5 million new customers and greatly disappointed with the price increases already muted expectations of the experts. On the market that were not good – the stock was, after trading hours initially negative.

Business of the Start-up went into the new year successfully: Netflix increased its revenues in the first quarter compared with the same period last year by 22 percent to $ 4.5 billion. The profit rose from 290 million to $ 344 million (305 million euros). Thus, the forecasts of Wall Street were exceeded analysts clear. But new rivals bubbles to attack, therefore, must be the market leader in the booming Streaming business to adjust to increased competition. Both of the Hollywood giant Disney, as well as the iPhone giant, Apple, introduced recently, offers from competitors.