San Diego (AP) – In the deadlocked patent dispute between Apple and the chip group Qualcomm, a potentially critical process in California has begun.

at The start were selected on Monday in San Diego nine members of the jury, as the US media reported from the courtroom. For both companies, the two-year conflict, in order to billion. The method could also be used to modify how much the Smartphone provider for the patents to pay for.

In the process of a lawsuit by Apple from the year 2017. The iPhone group accuses Qualcomm in it, among other things, the chip group demand excessive fees for patent licenses, and engaged in unfair competition. Apple’s contract manufacturers have joined the action and afford since 2017 no more payments to Qualcomm. The chip group estimated the loss of revenue together with interest at seven billion dollars. Qualcomm rejects the allegations and explained that I have committed against page breach of contract and wanted to use patented inventions without compensation.

Apple disrupts, among other things, the fact that Qualcomm demanded for the patent-licenses for a portion of the device price, instead of just from the price of the individual components. In order to benefit the chip manufactures group also unjust way of price increases, which went on its own inventions by Apple. In addition, Qualcomm, the Chip would refuse to grant competitors such as Intel patent licenses. Qualcomm argues, since there is a Portfolio of patents for a lot of different technologies, whether it is reasonable, the price of the device for the calculation of the licenses.

Among the nine jury, a psychologist, a Pilot and an air traffic controller who was formerly a professional baseball player, as the technology blog “CNET” reported. Three women: An environmental consultant, an accountant and a former nurse who is retired. The process is expected to take four to five weeks. It is expected that several Top managers such as Apple CEO Tim Cook and Qualcomm CEO Steve minor head will be called to the stand.

Qualcomm is primarily known as a leading provider of Smartphone Chips is known, the patent licenses are the second – and more lucrative – pillar for the group. The business model of Qualcomm is already under pressure: In January, there was a process to a lawsuit, the U.S. trade authority, the FTC, the Qualcomm accused of unfair competition through patent licensing as a precondition for chip deliveries. This procedure is not decided by jury but by a judge, your jury is still out.