The Microsoft products are a Symphony, each instrument is an Instrument, as it has announced Surface chief Panos Panay at the annual Hardware Keynote of the group in New York. And introduced a new innovation after the next. The most exciting came but it was only when he had almost exited the stage. “No, an Instrument is still missing”, he returned and showed the first Microsoft Smartphone for years. It stands for the future of the group.

Because the Surface Duo baptized folding Smartphone differs not only in the Hardware between similar models from Samsung and Huawei, by using, instead of a continuous two separate Displays, which are separated by a very narrow gap. And it’s not a device in front of him, the boundaries between Smartphone and Computer chips.


The Surface Duo is Microsoft’s return to the Smartphone market – with a completely new concept

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know “The people need Smartphones, the more productive use,” summarizes Panay, the Vision behind the Duo. For this purpose, the group relies on a full Windows on a Smartphone and the user can be nevertheless, all the Android Apps. You want to avoid the mistakes of the past, to have a great System, but almost no Apps. This one has worked closely with Google. The Duo intended to make it as light as never before, for his work seamlessly between your Smartphone, Tablet and Computer can switch back and forth, so the promise.

developer fair Build Microsoft shows its Vision of the future and Windows is only a footnote By Malte Mansholt

The step fits perfectly into Microsoft’s plans of the last few years. After the group had for many years slept through the Smartphone Revolution, he moved three years ago, the ripcord. Instead of how to the Computer to the full dominance of Windows-focused CEO, Satya Nadella, all of the efforts on with a productive-to-be tools, such as Office and Cloud business on any device represented. Instead of building their own Smartphones, they worked with Apple, and even more closely with Google.

Also, the Hardware was fully trimmed to the Business needs. The yield of consumer-rich market has left Microsoft long ago Apple. A Surface you can use even in private, at its core, it is clear to a working device. This also applies to the new devices.

Full on Business

With the new Surface Lineup, Microsoft is again fully to the needs of Business customers. The Surface Laptop 3 and the Surface Pro 7’s are lighter than the predecessor, load faster and offer more performance. The Surface Pro X goes a step further: Microsoft uses here for the first time, a self-developed ARM processor that promises a lighter construction and extremely long running times. In addition, it allows a constant connection by LTE.


The plain-looking Surface Earbuds are the first headphones with Office Integration

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Even with the new head Surface Earbuds and headphones, it is primarily EMS Work. The send completely wireless In-Ear headphones in disc look can also be private listening to music use to Shine but particularly in the office. And not just because of the built-in Noice-Cancelings. Microsoft has integrated the headphones into his Office program. By Wipe on the outside of Powerpoint presentations at lectures, the headphones can. a live subtitles from the Spoken to create in other languages This should work as promised, the idea has a lot of potential.

Internet telephony Microsoft admits: Skype-to-Skype calls are part of a staff of DPA valve is listening in on for the future

As the largest step of the group but sees clearly his folding devices. In addition to the Smartphone Duo showed with the Surface of the Neo, nor is it a model that is far more in the Laptop Format. The folding models are the future, says Panay. You should allow the users much more flexibility. So you can be up to 360 degrees folds as a single screen. Or you work on two screens at the same time, and slides seamlessly share content between open programs and forth.


The Surface of the Neo allows its keyboard to a high level of flexibility and makes the bottom of the screen around the mouse pad be. It pushes you to the bottom, can be displayed at the top of a keyboard or other content such as Videos or websites.

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Above all, the Neo is supposed to allow for its equipment an unprecedented level of flexibility. Its keyboard hangs magnetically on the back, is loaded constantly. You pull on one of the screens, it shows Microsoft can offer for the cooperation of Software and Hardware. The surface changed immediately adapts to the now the Display is partially dissembling the keyboard. The still-visible area of Microsoft called the slightly ironic “Love”. He can show Emoji, but also has a Netflix series, if you’d prefer.

bet on 2020

Even if the idea of two screens and folding screens is not new, promises to be Microsoft’s implementation actually has a value. Unlike the Lenovo Book, or even the folding Smartphones from Samsung and Huawei, Microsoft has it as a Software to make the manufacturer in the Hand, the implementation of its own programs on the dual-screen and to use the possibilities of the technology.

will follow suit, Thus also a provider of third-party programs to have opted for an unusual step: unlike the other announcements, Neo and Duo until the next fall on the market – so in a year’s time. As long as the developers get time to get with Microsoft the Most out of the new form factor and the future of the group to have a say. It is likely to be Microsoft’s last Chance to get back into the Smartphone business.

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