There are no easy times for Facebook. The users are questioning more and more whether Facebook’s services are your privacy really worth, the US presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren calls for open to the busting of the group’s monopoly concerns. In such times, one needs to know his Team behind, probably thought Mark Zuckerberg.

In an internal Meeting, he turned, therefore, to the many questions of the Facebook employees. And he was surprisingly open. Now, the Tech media “The Verge was playing” a full recording of the meeting course of.

“There were several moments where I would have been fired” Interview with the Hamburg Commissioner for data protection Johannes Caspar: “Facebook is the water apparently up to the neck” By Christoph Fröhlich

The shows Zuckerberg to part much more directly, as one is used to from his public appearances. The often krampfige Facebook-in-chief laughs a lot, makes jokes about himself and his position in the company and also about the perception of Facebook in the Rest of the world.

Zuckerberg said was completely open, that he would have been fired if he had not secured despite of the IPO, with full control over the group. “There were several moments where I would have been fired. For sure,” he said among laughter from the audience. He refused to sell Facebook for a billion dollars to Yahoo – although his entire leadership team wanted to. At the end he stood there without a Team. But had to keep his company, which is now several Hundred Times as much value. “Sometimes it pays just to do the Right thing,” he sums up.

the fight against the break-up

Even against a possible breakup want to defend Zuckerberg’s Facebook. The democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has to share some of the major Tech companies into smaller companies. “If she becomes President, we will have legal disputes – and I bet we win”, is Zuckerberg’s self-aware. He did not want to sue his government, he said. “But if someone threatens your existence, you get in the Ring and fight.”

He sees the size of the companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon anyway, not as a Problem but as an advantage. The only way you could connect and problems such as hate on the net fight. “That’s why Twitter creates the not as well as we do. You basically have the same challenge,” explains Zuckerberg. “But you will not be able to cope financially. We invest more in security than in the year of occupy.”

What to say to employees, your friends?

As the criticism of Facebook beats you to the employees, can now also out of the circle of friends, wanted to know an employee, what should you say to them. Zuckerberg recommends to try it on the emotional Track. “It’s really important to bring it to the human level,” he explains. The employee is to convince your environment that Facebook wants only the best for you. “In my experience, it is best to try to give people the feeling that you take their Concerns seriously and working on them. This makes a big difference.”

Facebook-boss in the EU Parliament, Grin, instead of hard questions: EU-politician, disgraced with Zuckerberg-Selfie By Malte Mansholt

That these Concerns also exist in terms of privacy, know probably no one is better than the Facebook CEO. When asked whether the group as Elon Musks of the project neuro-working link to a direct connection to the brain, he quipped: “Facebook wants to brain-perform operations – the congressional hearing and I want to save me.”

Of such hearings has Zuckerberg already enough. After he had put in the context of the Cambridge-Analytica scandal, the questions of the US Congress and the EU Parliament, refused to Zuckerberg numerous inquiries from other governments. “It makes no sense to me, to speak with each individual country, the subpoenaed me, and – frankly spoken – also no legal basis.”

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