Since about ten years, it is known that Australia wants to replace its U-boat fleet of Collins-class. Since then, a war-party raging in the mega deal. Of companies, you can barely speak, all sides stressed their governments in order to secure the job. Germany and Japan have now suffered, Australia has opted for the French offer.

In the fall of 2018, the Name of the boats was determined. You mean the Attack class, the first boat will carry the same name. Attack has replaced the cumbersome name of the tender: – Shortfin Barracuda Block 1A Design. Twelve boats are to be built, the cost is 50 billion Australian dollars. Traditionally, the German U-boats have a good reputation. The latest breakdown shows the Federal Navy, which had temporarily no operational boat, is not likely to have increased German chances.

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The boats of the Attack class are likely to be one of the most powerful conventionally-powered submarines in the world. They are designed for use in warm water and big seas. The manufacturer expects worldwide with other interested parties.

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the $ 13 billion cost of the USS Ford. So huge that no ship was still. For the first time, the large carriers are no longer invulnerable.


the USS Gerald R Ford is The most powerful and most expensive aircraft carrier in the world

©The Ford Class technology Transfer U-boat technology super cavitation – that is, if the U-boats dive faster than fighter Jets can fly From Gernot Kramper

The negotiations were extremely complex, because the questions of the construction and ownership of the technology had to be clarified. Hervé Guillou, CEO of the Naval Group (DCNS) said that the long negotiations, given the complexity, longevity and the scope of the partnership to be unusual. With the Deal in Australia in the back Guillou expects a good chance of tendering in the Netherlands. It is the first Time that France is ready to export U-Boot-stealth technology. All twelve U-be-built boats in Australian shipyards. The first U-boat to be delivered at the beginning of the 2030er years. The schedule is ambitious, and does not tolerate delay, the planned inflow of the Attack boats approximately corresponds to the departure of the boats for the Collins-class.

The Deal is because of the enormous sum in dispute. He is part of a large-scale armament program, with the help of Australia and the growing tensions in the Pacific is not responding. China is equipping its Navy with an Armada of ultra-modern missile destroyers of the type 055. In total, Beijing plans, by 2030, six carrier groups. Currently, the construction of a gigantic Factory for U-troubled boats to the West.

China’s upgrading to a silent Killer-U-boat Trumps the aircraft off the carrier By Gernot Kramper

The boats of the old Collins-class are the largest diesel-electric submarines in the world. In Australia, a strong opposition against nuclear weapons and the use of nuclear energy – in the country there was only research reactors but no nuclear power plant. Since any use of nuclear power would have brought about a public debate with an uncertain outcome, were nuclear-powered boats are not a serious Option. Because of the enormous size of the use area in the Pacific Canberra, however, presents other demands on his U-boat fleet, as the countries that want to use their boats mainly in the North sea and the Baltic sea.

the Design of the Attack-class is based on the French nuclear-powered boats of the Barracuda-class. The diesel-electric components benefit from the experience with conventional boats of the Scorpène-class, which builds the Naval Group together with the Spanish defence company Navantia.

boats for the Pacific

in 2015, was presented to the Shortfin Barracuda Block 1A Design as a diesel-electric variant. The Attack class will be 97 feet long, and dipped have a water displacement of 4500 tons. The range is supposed to amount to about 18,000 nautical miles, the maximum speed under water of more than 20 knots. The ship should be able to stay 80 days in use, and a crew of more than 60 people. In addition, other special forces to find space on the boats. The armament will consist of 4 to 8 torpedo tubes of 533 mm. The tubes can be fired in addition to torpedoes and Anti-ship missiles and Cruise Missiles.

Deadly hunter military Exercise such As a 30-year-old U-boat and a US carrier group has been sunk By Gernot Kramper

Currently, it is very difficult, the importance of U-boats for the conduct of the war in ten to 30 years to estimate. The success of the U-boat operation depends on the fact that the boats will not be discovered in the depths of the seas. New technologies of Spürdrohnen to satellite, scanning the sea with lasers, could change. However, if one tries, since the use of sonar in the Second world war, U-boats track. In the long term, without resounding success. U-boat crews, the cleverly utilize the layers of water of the sea and the currents under the water, it succeeds in Exercises again and again, to outwit even the most advanced defensive measures. In the year 2015 managed the then quite elderly French SNA, Le Saphir, the shut-off ring of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt unnoticed to break through. As the Le got sapphire the command to Fire, sank it – in Practice – not only the wearer, but also the bulk of its accompanying ships.

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