The job sounds simple: memory is not expanding, more. But when you look into the case shows that the monster fan blocks the slot. I cap so the power cable, remove the fan, pull out the old Ram, put the new memory. Then it happened. I’m about to put the fan back on the processor and forget the thermal paste.

In the game “of PC Building Simulator” is regarded as a serious mistake. Without the Paste the processor will overheat quickly, and the computer is adopted with a blue screen. My client is upset, and complained publicly in the network, and the meager performance watscht in the online reviews with a star.


in This case, the PC-workshop, which you take as a player is already on the ground. The business is running bad. Customers writing angry E-Mails and threaten them with the lawyer. Money is not left by the previous owner. Quite the contrary, he has borrowed against his retirement a couple of dollars for petrol.

With simple orders, you have to make a little money. Hard drives replacing the graphics cards in the PCI slots, slide and computer dusting. Here you realize quickly, what is the attraction on “PC Building Simulator”: The impressive attention to Detail. The housings are realistically recreated, the wiring is true to detail, and selection of original components such as Intel processors, Nvidia graphics cards, and Seagate drives is huge.

Hardware heaven: The player can mode, many of the original components

choose In the comments to the game on the online platform, Steam, praise the players, especially the free Craft. In which one can build his own computer or his dream-PC. This ensures, apparently, for a lot of fun. So a user writes: “I spent just two hours, my virtual PC to overclock? Yes.”

So many Details

The PC-Modding will be just small pieces like in reality. In part, the components terminals so clumsy in the metal housing that it is almost impossible to click with the mouse pointer to the right place to solve them. A water-cooling can only be inconvenient to lay and to remove the main Board, you have to click on twelve screws.

But maybe it needs to be. Because, after all, PC-Tuning feels just as bulky, if you maneuvered with the Hand through the painful tight housing, memory stones, boards, presses, and almost despairing of this, to draw a lot of short Stripping a lot of sharp-edged shafts.

For newcomers to this level of detail is rather daunting. Even if there is a Tutorial on the Crafting of the beginner, carefully to the PC, you should bring some basic knowledge. Otherwise, you don’t understand, that only the Ram modules with the same clock to work side by side. Also, it is tricky, if you wired in the game to the hard drive incorrectly and the virtual DIY calculator does not work any longer.

mass processing: By E-Mail clients send your tuning wishes

For puzzle-Fans of the career mode is a fun Start, but the game is fun after a couple of tuning hours. At some point, the recurring processes use. Also if the graphics cards are always pretty, neon lights in the housing lights and colorful plastic cable, the metal housing grace: The reward system will no longer work after a short period of time.

For Hardware Fans, this is the time to switch to the free craft mode, for example, to find out whether a certain combination of graphics would bring cards, Ram and processor really the hoped-for performance. All other off at this point.

“PC Building Simulator” of The Irregular Corporation, Steam Download for Windows PC, about 20 Euro