After the surprise hit “Until Dawn” from the year 2015, Supermassive Games, this year, the new Dark-Pictures-Anthology with “Man of Medan”. It is the first of a total of eight future titles, which should all connect to a similar Gameplay and a creepy atmosphere.

What’s in “Man of Medan”?

Five people in their twenties find on a diving trip information on the possible location of a treasure. However, they attract the attention of some of the pirates to. As the protagonists surprised, a little later, and be taken prisoner, they do not yet sense that you in this night that much worse is going to happen … At this point it should not be about the plot betrayed, as this would spoil some of the exciting twists and turns.

For whom is the Game?

friends of the video game horror, which is a Survival adventure Game, à la Silent Hill to be expected, it should skip the first track of the Dark-Pictures-Anthology dear: the majority of The Action takes place in the Form of so-called Quick-Time Events, the reactive Press the displayed buttons in a certain time limit.

It will be but find, in turn, those players are Like, which is a direct battle with monsters and Zombies is too intense and the search for more of the classic atmosphere of an American B-Horror movie. These Fans also come, therefore their costs, because the cast reflects those clichés, you know through Hollywood (and love) learned: The Clown, The Nerd, in Love, etc.

How good is “Man of Medan”?

The most interesting Feature of the “Man of Medan” has not yet been mentioned: decisions and consequences. So, the player will put all of the few scenes in front of important (with a time limit is provided) decisions, the future actions significantly influence and even deadly consequences for the characters can have.

This leads to the fact that only a few players will experience the same action – at least for your first run. So this “path system” for a high gaming value, because there are many scenes (and different Endings), which can be achieved only under certain conditions.

will Also be at this point, the Online Multiplayer mode highlighted, which allows two players to experience the same time, the same action from different perspectives. This certainly makes some of the decisions and their consequences all the more exciting – or scary.

Even if the thrill of a lack of Fight, ranging from ammunition shortages and action, so You can convince “of Medan” by a creepy atmosphere and an exciting path system. Ultimately, the most effective Horror taking place not on the screen but in our minds. 3 out of 5 dead protagonists.

Details: “Man of Medan” from Supermassive Games, released on 30. August on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and is available for just under 30 Euro.

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