Leading publishers from Europe will work together with Facebook to unlock exclusive content on the video platform Facebook to provide Watch.

To Facebook-partners with the German publishing houses Axel Springer, Burda and Gruner + Jahr, Facebook Manager Jesper Doub said in a blog entry. In the framework of European cooperation, not only advertising revenue, but Facebook also pays a double-digit million amount directly to the media partner.

Axel Springer will report to the broadcasting format “PICTURE DAILY” daily on current topics from the fields of politics, business, entertainment, Sport and Lifestyle, as well as “WORLD News”, the “freedom of opinion and image of the strongest issues of the WORLD Digital” in politics, the economy and society.

Burda is with a guide-consignment (Life Hacks”) and a message format of its magazine “Focus”, as well as a multi-part series with Klaudia Giez (“Germany’s Next Top Model”) is present. Gruner + Jahr brings a science show, a football show, and two Shows on the subject of cooking on Facebook Watch online.

Facebook-Manager, Doub, for media partnerships in Europe, stressed that people shared and discussed ideas, and news in the network. “That’s why we place a high value on a healthy news Ecosystem and the strengthening of quality journalism.”

Facebook support publishers and editors on the one hand, in the case of the digital Transformation, and develop on the other hand, together with you new business and revenue models. “Our goal is to offer publishers the possibility of new formats to try, to reach new target groups and sustainable sources of earnings across our platforms build.”

The cooperation in the Video-area is part of a wider Plan by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to improve the tense relationship of Facebook to the media and to make high-quality content from the media on the platforms of the group visible. So Zuckerberg announced in early April in a conversation with Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner, a separate area for media content to establish. This project has not been implemented yet.

In Facebook’s attitude to media content, it had been in the past few years, Changes. First of all, the Online network has been an increasingly important platform for media companies to reach users. But then Facebook has, among other things, in the Wake of the US presidential election campaign in 2016 for the mass dissemination of false news miss – and had to admit to be ill-prepared for.

Against this Background, Zuckerberg announced, contributions from family and friends should get in the Newsfeeds of users more weight than media content. This has led the traditional media to significant range losses and thus less revenue.

The digital-in-chief of Gruner + Jahr, Arne Wolter, spoke recently of a “Frenemy”relationship, so a mixture between friend and enemy. “The term “Frenemy” to fit to”, said Wolter in an Interview with the industry service “the horizon”. “Nevertheless, a change for Good: Both sides understand each other better. We have learned, where we are a Partner, or should be, and where we are actually in the competition. The Claims are better defined.”

In the current video project, featuring works from France, the renowned French newspaper “Le Monde”, the news channel BFM-TV, as well as the popular Video platform Brut ( www.brut.media). Sweden’s Expressen is “represented” with a News broadcast.

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