Whether it is a Smartphone, video streaming, Alexa, or the connected home: more and more devices dependent on a good Wi-Fi connection and heavy, making use of each other’s lives. Because of the number of devices, the load on the router increases more and more. The new Wifi Standard 6 to finally change. But what is behind the new Wireless Revolution?

“Wifi 6 is definitely a big step. For the first time a Standard has not been developed, in which the aim is to speed up a device. But all of the devices in our always-poet-filled networks. Also, if you are active at the same time,” explains Gordon Priebe. He should know: At the German network-the king of AVM, he is as head of pre-sales and Education is responsible for ensuring that all of the new features of the devices are understood.

But why the new Standard Wifi 6 means? “The mark runs in arrears by all through it,” says Priebe. “In the previous designation “a”, “b”, “g”, n, “ac” was just no logic in it. Now they are simply a 1 to 6 numbered”. In addition, the built-in default is displayed on the packaging is clear with a small Logo. The customer can thus see for the first Time, at-a-glance: This model has the better technology. Where: Down the devices are all fully compatible.

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placed in The correct Position on the router, and the orientation of its antenna can work wonders. You should therefore try to calm different locations. In addition, it can help the Router elevated on the wall to hang up.

©Serghei Starus speed due to less Chaos

The biggest difference with the new Wifi 6 is not the pure increase in the maximum speed – also if the is a good 25 percent more throughput clearly present. Instead, the Wifi 6 relies on a new approach: It uses the existing bandwidth is simply much more efficient. “It is like The motorway: is fully crammed. But in many cars only individuals sitting. If we distribute to fewer cars, move forward all the better,” summarizes Priebe the Problem.

So it is similar to the previous Wi-Fi. Questions multiple devices in the network according to the data, not the network to alternately the whole range – even if you don’t use fully. This is of course inefficient: Other processes would be able to move in the same time much larger amounts of data. “Wifi 6 now has the ability to be able to similar to the Carpooling – to multiple devices at the same time your data packets to send. And at the end it has dissolved the jam.” Major advantages of Wifi 6 promises to be not only at home but also in public wireless networks with many users.

especially data-intensive services such as streaming video or Online computer games benefit from the new technology: you get priority, so always smooth and delay free to move your data. Other services running on the side walk .

Netgear, Fritzbox, Google WiFi, and co. Wi-Fi frustration? With this Hardware, you tune your power

another advantage is that Wifi 6 just uses the 2.4 or the 5 GHz frequency, but both at the same time. While the previous Wireless ac only on the 5 GHz radioed, improved Wifi 6 now, for the first time in seven years, the 2.4-GHz Band. It is crowded, because many older networks are still legal, but it offers more coverage. Wifi 6 on grants in the long term the bandwidth, you can use this range as an advantage.

Slow Revolution

The good news for the customer: It must not put the whole network on Wifi 6, in order to have an advantage. “The more Wifi-6 devices in the network, which can share a time slot, the faster the others are – because you no longer have to wait for five time slots, but only three,” summarizes Priebe. “So even older devices will benefit.”

so Far, there are still very few devices with Wifi 6. So about Samsung’s latest smartphone of Galaxy S10 and Note 10 have the Standard on Board. Current Notebooks with the latest Intel processors, as you have just been presented about Lenovo and Acer, bringing the Standard. The iPhone is only for next week’s expected iPhone 11 on the new Standard.

Expensive Router

The most important prerequisite, however, is that the Router Wifi 6 supports. The first models were announced at IFA, AVM wants to sell its first Fritz boxes with the new technology in the beginning of 2020. Competitor Netgear is more: The Nighthawk RAX80 with Wifi 6 is already available to buy, with a price of about 300 euros, but also very expensive.

Mesh Router Never wireless network: The Wireless Revolution is here By Christoph Fröhlich

users of repeaters or Mesh networks, you must also not everything, it’s a new “Wifi 6 is completely backward-compatible, so it can also with all the other Standards to work together,” says Priebe. Even if the main router function via Wifi 6, you can use the old Repeater is still on. The advantages of the new network, but especially if the appropriate devices are connected to the main router. Should be there, where most of the devices are active.

No hurry

you have to buy so immediately one of the new Router? No, says Priebe. Although intended to support, according to forecasts in 2021, the majority of newly purchased devices, Wifi 6, the least customers will be able to exploit the full potential of the new network until then. The simple reason is that The Standard comes only at extremely high Internet speeds. Therefore, the AVM has presented so far, also no Wifi 6 Router for DSL. At maximum speeds of 300 Mbit/s Wifi 6 worth hardly. Here, the most German of such Surf can dream-speeds only. AVM, therefore, focuses initially on variants for cable and fibre connections.

The Revolution is coming rather slowly. You buy in the next few years, new devices will support an increasing number of them also Wifi 6. There are sometime the speed of your Internet connection, is it worth it to buy a Wifi 6 Router. That AVM offers the models already, says Priebe, and one thinks of AVM long-term. “The customers are supposed to have in five, six years of joy to our own devices.”

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