It is one of the smartest purchases of Facebook have been: With Whatsapp, the group 2014 took over one of the most popular Smartphone Messenger, since the user numbers worldwide have gone further and further to the top. And also most of the Germans can imagine a life without Whatsapp is hardly. Not only the money earned Facebook so far. Now the group presented for the first time specifically how you want to change that.

On his Facebook Marketing Summit, the mother presented to the group yesterday in Rotterdam, the future of advertising in Whatsapp played out to be. Facebook wants to give companies more tools to Hand to present customers to your products. The most important is the direct advertising in Whatsapp Status is secure. As in the case of Instagram Stories to land between the Posts of the friends also paid contributions, as in the case of Twitter, posted pictures of the presentation show.

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not (Yet) advertising in chat rooms

In the Chats even Whatsapp will continue to offer a better presentation of products. Posts are there to show pictures and PDFs of products in a more prominent view, who taps it, gets to see in the App is a product page. Who’s afraid now advertising in the Chat, calm down, first of all, but These type of posts you should get to see only in the Chat with a company.

The Chat you want to keep ad-free, insured Facebook currently. You will get to see more often in the case of Instagram and Facebook advertising that directs to a company, chat, Whatsapp more. Whether you need permanent advertising in the Chat, will have to show.

the ads That was one of the reasons for the departure of the founder from the group. 2012, Whatsapp had etched inventor Jan Koum in a blog post about advertising. With a “fight club”quote he wrote at the time that advertisements bring us “to buy shit we don’t need it”. As the end of 2017 then it became clear that advertising would come, leaving only his Partner Bryan Acton and then last spring, also Koum even the company. Weeks later, Facebook announced the official advertisement for the Messenger.
source: Twitter

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