In the case of military parades, the Chinese leaders demonstrated their strength. On the one hand, the sheer amount of deployed personnel and material, but mainly because modern weapons are shown by systems. In the mass the people’s army is not equipped still modern. With the advanced technology, Beijing can show how the country makes the previous tab in the USA, and the leading military power of the West has already become obsolete.

“No Power in the world can stop us”, it’s also on the Parade of the 70th anniversary of the people’s Republic.

swank with weapons of naval sea power is world power – that’s why China celebrates the missile destroyer type 055 Gernot Kramper

As has been shown in Beijing, the Stealth Jet J-20. This Fighter may not be from the Radar tracked, is the first operational camouflage aircraft that was built outside of the United States. China moves slowly. Similarly, the largest rocket in the Parade: The Dong Feng-41 (East) is 21 meters long. The Intercontinental ballistic missile can reach the United States and with up to ten nuclear warheads fitted. It is a more modern System than comparable weapons of the United States. The Dong Feng-41 does not necessarily need a Start-Silo, it can be used from mobile launch ramps. This would be in case of emergency, much harder to track than stationary systems.


China’s “Carrier Killer” were driven by Beijing.

©Greg Baker-AFP threat hypersonic

But a completely different weapon, over a threatened eight of US far more: the DL-ZF. On the Parade, but the gliders are quite inconspicuous. You look as if you had Packed a drone on a Truck. However, the DL-ZFs belongs to a new Generation of weapons, the Hyper-speed of sound – more than five times the speed of sound – reaching. Currently, only Russia and China possess viable weapons of this kind. The ZF-glider is launched from a conventional missile type DF-17, and on pace to be brought. His own ramjet engine requires a certain amount of speed to be able to work independently. Such weapons need a Starter or you are fired, such as the Russian Kh-47M2 Kinzhal from a plane.

prototypes of the China-glider shall have reached ten times the speed of sound – more than 12,000 miles an hour -. These weapons were developed by China and Russia, in order to overcome the American missile shield. They are much to fast to be an interceptor rocket to be obtained.

hypersonic weapons, experts warn that Super-fast missiles make nuclear war more likely,

China, the United States and Russia to develop missiles with tremendous speed. They allow for a lightning-like strike and anti-ballistic missiles, you can’t catch. Experts are calling for its dissemination, at least, curb.

Gernot Kramper As an aircraft carrier Killer designed

The DL-ZF-skid atomically can be, and conventionally are equipped. In the United States, he is referred to as a “Carrier-Killer” because he can be the defensive screen of a carrier group effortlessly break through. Because of its high speed, it could only be intercepted by a Laser. The glider will remain at high speed, fully maneuverable. The DL-ZF-glider is also an advantage in the war, the armor of the dollar. Many of the military programs that make the global claim of the United States in question have a common idea: Relatively inexpensive systems to neutralize the very expensive weapons of the United States.

The Design of the glider and improvements appear to be possible. U.S. experts believe that the Form was not yet Mature, final. Do not assume that the computing capacity of the Chinese Supercomputer is sufficient yet for optimum shaping.

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sea power is world power – that’s why China celebrates the missile destroyer, the type 055, Boeing wants to be the fastest combat aircraft in the world to build, experts warn that Super-fast missiles make nuclear war probably Putin’s Avangard-glider is much too fast for Trumps missile defense

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