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The new wide-angle camera of the iPhone 11 makes everything appear larger. Also things like bananas, for example.


There was Irritation and ridicule for the three camera apertures with which the new iPhone 11 Pro comes. In turn, the latest Smartphone model from Apple is to make really good photos. It has, for example, a Super-wide-angle function to get around larger groups of people in a Selfie. Practical? Total. However, this new feature is introduced, how many users with a certain Surprise, not only for selfie shots interesting …

A banana conquers the Internet

The American technology journalist Jeremy Judkins demonstrated the unusual abilities of the iPhone-11 camera using a banana. Due to the wide-angle perspective distorts the image such that the objects appear in the middle of unnaturally large and long. “The Ultra-wide angle of the iPhone camera will bring my Tinder Inbox to Glow”, quips he. What he means is clear: What works with a banana, can of course be applied also to primary sexual parts.

It took like a tenth of a second, up to this realization ensured that Jeremy’s banana photo went viral. And not very much longer until he’s a Screenshot of a message posted that had reached him: “Yo, how the thing that makes my junk look bigger works? I got the iPhone 11.” The questioner gets a patient guide, but Jeremy can’t hide his pleasure about this enthusiastic demand.

“Baffle you now, disappoint you later,”

Other Twitter users also have their fun at Jeremy’s insight. “You know, this is the best form of advertising, which could have an Apple for the new iPhone at all,” writes one. “Do the next with an eggplant!”, someone calls different. A predictive Twitterer thinks: “From now on, people will ask for rulers in photos for comparison.” And one of the other kids: “Baffle you now, disappoint you later!”

Jeremy confesses to his Twitter fans that he has never used really a Dating App like Tinder, and even happy married. Photos can send via Tinder’t – probably, in order to protect the users from too many, er, banana images. You should allow only people that you actually want. And will prefer the Original and can dispense sizes-trickery well.

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