so far the public’s most effective escalating in the America-China trade war: in mid-may, U.S. President Donald Trump put the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei due to security concerns on the Black list of the United States. Google withdrew then the second largest Smartphone manufacturer in the world, the Android license. In the result, the Smartphone broke sales numbers temporarily by 40 percent. A few weeks ago, the Blockade against Huawei was repealed, even if the current Situation between the US and Huawei is still unclear. Nevertheless, the worst of the group seemed to have survived.

Now, Huawei may be, however, overtaken by his past: A report by the “Washington Post” that Huawei has helped the state of North Korea in the construction of a commercial 3G mobile network. The company should have worked together in the past eight years, with the Chinese state-owned company, Panda International.

Should correspond to the report of the truth, would Huawei violated U.S. sanctions, the Export of equipment with US technology to North Korea and say.

The Huawei says to the report

The report is based on various documents, including contracts and spreadsheets. Certain countries, including Syria, Iran and North Korea, are encrypted with Codes – North Korea have in the documentation, the cipher A9, writes the “Washington Post”. The former employee who leaked the documents, told the newspaper: “In the database entries, such as Germany, USA, Mexico are. and instead of a name, suddenly you see A5, A7, A9, and you ask yourself ‘What is this?’. I’m guessing you don’t want to write ‘Iran’ or ‘Syria’.”

On demand is not rejected, the group of the report, instead, a spokesman for the company stated that they believe in “no business presence” in North Korea. In addition, you consider in all the countries in which it operates, to comply with applicable laws and regulations. To not want to individual points of the report, the group makes a comment, but not on the question of whether Huawei had operated in the past, directly or indirectly, business in North Korea. Panda International has not responded yet to a request.

Bad Timing for Huawei

For Huawei, the revelations of the “Washington Post” in light of recent events at an inopportune time. Many Western Nations, especially the USA, have already safe to leave the planned Expansion of the 5G networks, Huawei. Because in the past, the company has moved even more often to the attention of the investigators: Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of the Chinese tech group and at the same time, daughter of the founder Ren Zhengfei, was arrested last year in Canada, because they are made about a company called Skycom transactions with Iran and the sanctions violated rights. The company is accused of laundering money and fraud.

in addition, the U.S. Department of justice, accuses Huawei trade secrets of T-Mobile, the US subsidiary of the Telekom – to have given.

sources: Washington Post, Handelsblatt, Technology Review

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