It is the Revolution in the mobile radio should be-Tariff: With Freenet radio of the well-known Provider presented a model, the dismantling of the known laws of the mobile market. Instead of Collective-jungle, there are exactly two possibilities: 1 GB the day will cost 69 cents, 99 cents, there is unlimited surfing pleasure, a day can be changed and will be terminated. 30 Euro of the day for ungedrosseltes LTE plus a high level of flexibility – for many it was a tempting offer. But now some customers are disappointed.

In forums and E-Mails would complain to the customers about surprising cancellations, according to the industry Blog “Teltarif”. The justification for Freenet: clients have used the Tariff to intensive: Two customers should have hunted according to own data of 500 GB in a month by the management, another wants to have it even brought to 1.39 terabytes. All Freenet pulled the ripcord and announced.

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The step is not without problems: In principle, these customers use the service as it is advertised. In the App, and the terms and conditions is always spoken of with unlimited data volume, a Fair-Use limit, as it is called by other providers, often, you find. Resourceful users noticed that Freenet loss until a subsequent use of the SIM card in a wired LTE Router the sole. This way, you can save the landline, was not banned until recently, explicitly, in the meantime, a corresponding Passage can be found.

“We had to learn that customers have used Freenet radio apparently willfully misused by the used for a mobile product to an extent that is solely for stationary use possible. The terms and conditions have not been changed for the purpose of this termination, but solely to the realisation of the unauthorised use,” explained a spokesperson from Freenet the point of view of the company. The notice was also not done with reference to this abuse, but regular in time.

Whether it can even come to such terminations, if used instead of a fixed LTE router is an old Smartphone, the data volume is so rich on other devices to continue, the spokesman said: “Regular use of Freenet radio does not exclude, of course.” The Tethering method is allowed according to the terms and conditions and also radio FAQs explicitly.

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Behind Freenet’s decision is likely to be economic considerations. Unlike network operators such as Telekom or Vodafone, the company must buy as a Reseller of its data packets even before they can offer themselves. For the Collective Funk that happens when the network operator Telefónica. Depending on the terms and conditions of purchase it is quite conceivable that for the extreme users, higher costs for Freenet incurred. While is likely profitable, intensive use in the mixing calculation with little users, that could be the extreme cases such as the above mentioned, just too expensive. For similar reasons, implementation of the EU are likely to allow roaming, that was promised for the summer, continue to wait.

The layoffs are not the only aspect of the Savings plan, which provides for Trouble. Another Problem is the breaks that you can insert with the Treaty are about. To cancel instead, you can pause the Fare is simple, the phone number remains more reachable, outgoing calls and the Internet are locked but. After two weeks, the Tariff is automatically activated again, it can then be paused for the next day.

In practice, it seems to lead to this Feature but some problems. At the end of last week, customers complained that their contract had been re-activated, the Internet function yet it remained turned off. Also the also many of defendant Support via Whatsapp could not help. Other support channels a radio offers. Only after days, the complaints of the users were. According to data from Freenet, the problems were consequences of a failure of communication between Freenet and a network operator.

sources: Freenet, Teltarif

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