If Amazon Echo or Google Home language speakers are becoming more and more popular. More than a Million Echo devices were in a house, told us of the Alexa-in-chief in an Interview. And: Above all, the Echo Show, the model with the screen, was particularly popular in Germany. As of today, Google with its Nest Hub, and offers its first language speaker with a Display, also in Germany. We have tested it and the almost perfect household helper was found.

In our Test, the Echo Show, we asked ourselves: Where is this device? The Nest Hub, the decision was quick, he ended up in the kitchen. Finally, you need there is most likely a screen, you want to, but not necessarily with the hands to operate – for example, because the drip just ingredients prior to cooking. The choice was a perfect fit: Just as a recipe vendor or entertainment system during the cooking of the Nest Hub trumps. On demand – as a start command, either “OK Google” or “Hey Google” for the election – it shows, depending on the question one or a selection of recipes. You have decided for one, he is completely voice controlled by the steps, the ingredients list is always on the right edge of the display. It makes cooking fun.


The cooking shows, the Home Hub on the left of the current step and to the right of the list of ingredients

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Not-so-enthusiasm worthy of the use of the device as a form of entertainment. The sound of the Nest Hub is for the size OK, but certainly not a revelation. He sounds better than a Home Mini, or an Echo of Dot, by the sound of a full-fledged Home – or Echo-model, or even better Mini-speakers such as the Sonos One, or Apple’s Homepod he is far but far. So it’s not enough as a simple kitchen radio, but for more.

Also, when you watch a video, there are limits: even Though Netflix on the 7-inch Monitor would be certainly no treat, it is a shame that the Hub is not able to display the popular streaming service, despite the built-in Chromecast even. So you have to take with Youtube content. The Google-owned service is also supported very well. You want to see specific Clips or current content, is not implemented in the control by language: The selection of offered Clips is significantly smaller than the Smartphone Version. This is a shame. A well-functioning Workaround: select the Clip on the Smartphone, you can bring it via Chromecast on the screen. The advantage of the voice control removes the need but.


you just Say “Hey Google, good Morning”, you get the Morning Briefing with weather report and a news overview, including the Tagesschau in 100 seconds

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Which is anyway in need of improvement. Although Google’s voice assistant understands in General commands good hooks, he remembered, when German and English terms alternate. For example, if you want to see the latest episode of the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. Then, the voice control for gaming. In German, the detection however, even with Mumble, or through the room, causing most well. Google can even detect voices: Who allowed the Assistant to distinguish the voices of the users can display only this user data, such as the calendar or the travel information, to and from work. One feels that as a violation of privacy, the Feature is simply turned off.

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Speaking of privacy: As with other speakers, the Micro can also be used with the Nest Hub is a small switch on the back off. On a particularly invasive Feature, Google has waived the same: unlike the Echo Show the Nest Hub has no camera. Many skeptics are likely to the contrary, in the apartment looking camera many people feel that, finally, as a significantly creepier than a microphone. A small drawback: video telephony, there is only one-sided. Since Google relies on its little-used self-development Duo, the but this is bearable.


On the back of the Home Hub of the mute switch (top) and volume rocker (right). Off the device can only be used, if separated from the power.

©Malte Mansholt stern.de Simply beautiful

Away from the painted camera is not leaning against the Google Design is far out of the window. With its combination of smooth plastic and sleek fabric cover of the Nest Hub fits seamlessly into the series of the other Home models. The simple, chic Design fits perfectly in the kitchen, should also, in most living rooms well. Then, for the benefit of the Hub is presented when not in use selected images from Google photos. Next to the stove is placed, made of cloth, however, it easy to Worry: How good is he permanently comes with fat splashes or tomato sauce deal, will have to show.

A Google-a particularly emphasized aspect of the control of the smart homes is, by the way. Supported devices such as smart lamps, some vacuum robot or the in-house thermostats and cameras from Nest will be on the Hub very easy to control. For one, they work, of course, a classic by acclamation, almost more practical to use on the Smart home Terminal, the display with a Swipe from the top edge of the most important functions, however. It has many of the devices in the house, the Hub, one of the most elegant solutions to bring them under a hat.

conclusion: Chic, smart, cheap

The Google Nest Hub is more than just a Google Home screen. Especially as a kitchen helper the smart display can convince, but also Smart home users can get with him is a very convenient-to-use home Central. Many smaller weaknesses such as the poor understanding in the case of mixed-language commands, the lack of support from Netflix and not particularly successful Youtube control fix Google with the Updates. Some pity is due to the small form factor, very thin Sound.

Who thought already about buying a Google Home or Amazon Echo, or a smart Display for the kitchen looking for, then you should definitely watch the Nest Hub. For the price of 130 Euro, he is a very round deal. Alternatives to the much more expensive Echo Show (2. Generation), or the Lenovo Smart Display, the same as that of the Nest Hub on Google’s Assistant. Whoever is on the screen can do without, can instead of the classic Google Home or Amazons Echo to grow.

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