Who is striving for a future as a professional athlete, you must be talented and train hard. In the original sense, well, then maybe the physical fitness of top athletes. In times of E-Sports, it is sufficient, however, if you fulfil these attributes at the Controller or at the keyboard. Meanwhile, millions of people to see how the best gamers in the world, a duel in League of Legends or Fortnite. One of the Best in the 15-year-old Briton, Benjy, Fish, better known under his Pseudonym “Benjyfishy is”. The Teenager qualified again recently for the Fortnite world Cup. To be able to the dream of a professional career, life, and throws the Englishman, even the school. His mother supports him, and has logged off, your son personally from school.

Fortnite tournaments go late into the night

benjy’s mother – who is also his Manager – wants her son focused on his Gaming career. Since it is not rare that the tournaments continue until late in the night, the Teenager often very tired and unfocused in school. As in England, however, a General education is compulsory up to the age of 18. Life year, gets the shooting star from now on, private lessons at home.

this radical step is worthwhile, at least financially, shows a view of the balance of the 15-Year-olds. Up to the skill of the Gamer has already got £ 25,000 in prize money. Added to the £ 50,000 for the successful world Cup qualification. Depending on the placement at the world Championships for six-digit sums of profit then wait for him. A lucrative business so, for the mother and son, the formation back of the line.

The Gamer as a brand

The Teenager is in the Team of the “NRG Esports” under the contract and knows how he marketed himself. On Youtube and Twitch, the largest Streaming platform for Gaming, has “BenjyFishy” each have about 100,000 subscribers, and thus an additional source of income and a stage to enter as a “professional gambler” fame. Young people with a Youtube or an E-Sports career to Finance their living, is not unusual.

guardians, however, go so far and taking children out of school, so that they can concentrate better on their Gaming careers, then it is not commonplace and made in the UK for plenty of discussions. The “Daily Mirror” posted on Facebook an article about the 15-Year-olds and in the comment columns, there were heated debates between users. The majority sees the behavior of the mother is critical to give others a portion of the debt but also the society. Many younger Users, in contrast, argue that for many people the envy talking. For “BenjyFishy” it’s the end of July in New York for the world title. There, the Teenagers must then perform live in front of a large audience.

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