the safety-Super-GAU for Apple was: Over two years, iPhones could be hacked – by lured a single Time on a malicious web page. The attacker had complete control, were able to capture all data from the device. Here you can learn more. Now two media to make the Chinese government responsible for the attacks. You should be in control of the Muslim Uighur minority went.

Already known to be of the attack, there was speculation that a state actor behind it, stuck. The gaps were five times adjusted to the new System versions of iOS, and to continue to work. On the black market, the used attack paths would have been worth millions. Google’s “Project Zero”, which had discovered the gaps, refused to name a culprit.

photos, Chats, and passwords stolen-security Disaster: Two years hacked hack iPhones – per site-visit By Malte Mansholt

Now a lot suggests that it is the state behind it to China. The reported first, “Techcrunch” and “Forbes” with reference to each its own, however, in both cases, anonymous sources. The Uighur minority is already being monitored no longer by the Chinese government strictly, their homeland, the Xinjiang province, is covered with security cameras, more than a million people put in camps, according to human rights learning in re-education.

Not only Chinese victims

According to “Forbes” was the attack is also significantly larger than initially assumed. In addition to iPhone users, the sites would be hacked visitors you are surfing on Windows PC or Android smartphone. The attack sites have been adapted over time to the changing use of the Uighur community, as “Forbes”.

the aim had been to draw as much information as possible from the community, the expert said Cooper Quintin, compared to Forbes. Nevertheless, it is probable that there were also many victims outside of this group. The Server does not distinguish between visitors. Who came up with the page whose data were stolen. Most of the victims were probably lured over to the left on the pages. Since you appeared to Search in Google, it is very likely that the user landed there by mistake. The FBI has requested, according to “Techcrunch” on Google to remove the pages from the search results.

Cyber Criminals Fin7: This hack works like a company and looted billions Of Malte Mansholt

Google has not commented on the reports so far. The group was known of the attacks will come under criticism, because Project Zero had not published the addresses of the attack sites. So potentially Affected were not able to check whether their data had been compromised. Although the iPhone used by the gap is closed since the beginning of the year, but since passwords were stolen, could always threaten late in the consequences of an attack.

sources: Techcrunch, Forbes, Project Zero

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