Unknown to have hijacked the account of Twitter chief Jack Dorsey and several aggressive Tweets spread, including one over Germany during the third Reich.

Twitter announced on the night of the Saturday, this was become by an error in the case of a cellular provider is possible. The Tweets were posted about a service that you connect the phone number with his Account, and by SMS can tweet. The short message service explained according to it, there is “no indication that the systems were compromised by Twitter”.

From Dorsey’s Account, “@jack” were widely used several Tweets to his more than four million Followers, including one in which it was said: “Nazi Germany has done nothing wrong.” Some of the Tweets also contained racist and anti-Semitic content. In one was a bomb in the Twitter headquarters the speech. Twitter deleted the Tweets rapidly from Dorsey’s Timeline.

Dorsey uses – like many others – by his own admission, the so-called Two-factor authentication, you must enter to logon in addition to username and password also have a freshly generated Code. These Codes will be sent in many cases by SMS. Attackers managed it in the past, again and again, to get hold of in the case of mobile providers SIM cards with the same phone number and the Codes to intercept. With the help of this method, a Hacker is supposed to have hijacked group’s 2016 Twitter Accounts of several Tech bosses such as Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

U.S. President Donald Trump has more than 60 million Followers, and whose Tweets to trigger international crises and stock markets in a tailspin, send can – showed up on demand, very calm. “I hope you don’t hack my Account. But basically, if you make it, then you don’t know much more than what I ride anyway fade,” he said on Friday evening (local time) in front of journalists at the White house. “That wouldn’t be so bad.”

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