There are creepy shots: Although the request of the user is already answered on Alexa and Google’s Assistant each word and forward it to an external Server. At one point the assistant even ask in the order of the hacker for a password. But to see on Youtube Clips, it is not a warning against possible dangers, but to Live demonstrations of a successful attack on the language assistant.

Although the interaction with Alexa and co. for many people, of course, to the everyday life, the fear of possible eavesdropping attacks. The two German security experts Louise Frerichs and Fabian Bräunlein of SRLabs now show that this is quite reasonable as well. They succeeded, malicious software to Google’s and Amazon’s security controls over smuggling and Amazon Echo and Google Home with completely inconspicuous programs-for-bug rebuild.

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speaker Red, yellow speech and blue: the colored rings mean when Amazon Echo By Malte Mansholt was the attack

The two experts were able to four the Amazon Skills and Google’s Actions referred to applications for Google Home, and Amazon Echo in the respective Download portals of the manufacturer. Four of the Apps were English-speaking. As the horoscope or number generators disguised applications were able to eavesdrop on the users and even passwords ask for it. Although both companies will examine Apps before the approval came through, the Apps are unopposed.

a Lot of Hacker technology Frerichs and Bräunlein not needed in an alarming way. They made use of instead to the expectations of the customer. To be able to mitlauschen, let you have the applications about a Minute of silence, once the expected answer was actually completed. Instead of closing the program, but was recorded more. In order to keep users in the dark, sounded at Google, even the tone signal indicating an end of a command. Alexa said goodbye. Only the glowing blue Ring indicated the Amazon Echo to the fact that the device was listening on.

glasses, Ring, headphones, Amazon was, as yet, of the rooms in our living: The will of the group now change By Christoph Fröhlich

The Capture of passwords used, the two other Tricks. Instead of a response the user received an error message: The command was not just to implement. After a Minute, the familiar voice of the wizard the user is logged-in then. An Update was necessary, it would be started after confirmation of the password. Here you can also request any other information, such as a credit card number of the inexperienced users, explains Frerichs in the Video.

Amazon and Google are

informed The two so-called Whitehat hackers, it comes to the abuse risk of the voice wizard, to add, they explain in a blog post. Some of the Apps you have already withdrawn themselves, the others were thrown out by Amazon and Google out of the Stores, after the corporations have been advised of the hackers on the problems. Also in your blog post SRLabs are calling on the company to a more accurate examination of the programs for their devices. Above all, the ability, the breaks incorporate, to see them as dangerous. Also suspicious phrases like “password” should not be able to query Apps, in your view, in the first place.

Google and Amazon have already responded. “We have blocked the Skill immediately and safety measures taken to detect this kind of Skill-the behavior and to prevent. Skills will be rejected or removed, once such behavior is identified,” explained Amazon in relation to the star. Google also stressed on inquiry to discover such a behavior of applications. “[E]ntsprechend we have deleted the researchers developed Actions. We use additional mechanisms for such a bind in the future.“

Google and Amazon, may get the message can hardly be a worse time. Both manufacturers use their language assistant, both have recently introduced a number of new language speakers. Amazon wants to give Alexa, even in a pair of glasses and a finger ring the customer permanently on the road. Only in the spring, had to leave the corporations, together with Apple is accused of not only computers, but also partly real, people were able to listen to the private recordings of the user. Amazon had for quality assurance, approximately according to a “world”-report of German records from the Polish part-time workers listen to.

source: SRLabs, Youtube, Google, Amazon

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