In a few days, the “USS Gerald Ford will leave” the shipyard and will then go into active service. The Navy was handed over to the most expensive ship in the world in the year 2017. In the naval port of Norfolk, the massive ship will then prepare for its first use, but from a military operational readiness, the carrier is still far away. Only two of the planned eleven weapons elevators on Board and although some of the Problem for years, will worked. These elevators serve the Jets on Board the carrier with equipment and supply weapons systems. Without them, the aircraft carrier can not send fighter jets into battle.

military Exercise such As a 30-year-old U-boat and a US carrier group and sunk to use Of Gernot Kramper

While the older carrier, all hydraulic lifts, moving in the “USS Gerald Ford” an electromagnetic drive according to the type of magnetic levitation elevators. The concept of the carrier, the Navy placed great emphasis on reducing the operating cost of the ship. Electromagnetic drives offer decisive advantages here – you have almost no wearing parts, and require less personnel for the operation – in addition, they are also even more powerful.

“USS Gerald R. Ford” Back to the steam drive – Trump wants aircraft carriers, converted By Gernot Kramper

to be Also driven by the launch catapults for the aircraft of the “USS Gerald Ford” electromagnetic. Here is a older System that was replaced, the water vapor uses to hurl the Jets off the Deck. The new catapults were massive problems that the US President, Trump got one of his infamous Wutanfällle on Twitter. However, the catapults should now work without any problems. Read: “Back to “God damn” steam drive – Trump wants to upgrade the aircraft carrier”

According to the Portal of the “U. S. Naval Institute,” USNI News, the actual drive of the Load Elevator is supposed to work well, however, to be able to the magnetic force, you need to be the gaps inside the construction are very much lower than in conventional elevators, so there were problems with the manufacturing tolerances of the hatches and doors are to be fixed in the next year prior to the first use of the carrier.

cost increases and delays, the USS Gerald R Ford is The most powerful and most expensive aircraft carrier in the world By Gernot Kramper

in March, the Acquisition of the vessel from July to October, was moved to take the elevators in operation, apparently the time has not enough, though. Marine Minister Richard Spencer had offered President Trump before, not to fire him, if the elevators are working at the time of delivery. According to USNI News Spencer to Trump said: “I shook his Hand and said, the elevators will be ready, when it expires, or you can fire me.” Now it will take a little longer. Overall, the “USS Gerald Ford” the Navy will go about two years too late in service, the Budget has been exceeded by several billion dollars. However, it is the first ship of a new class of aircraft carriers, at the following models, these problems no longer appear so.

source: USNI News

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