In the United States raging student protests for greater regulation of gun ownership, in the deepest of Montana prevails meanwhile, the war. At least on the screen. After dictatorships, and to tropical Islands and the Himalayas in the predecessors, man shoots himself in “Far Cry 5” through the wild North of the United States – and reveals the contradictions of a divided country.

there are also in “Far Cry” to some. The deeply religious, pseudo-Christian sect “Project Eden’s Gate” brought under the direction of their lunatic preacher, Joseph Seed, a part of Montana under their control, and that rules, brings now with a lot of violence, the rest of the population – and the player is in the middle of it. Actually, you should arrest as part of a four-strong police force the leader of Seed is a mixture of a Hipster, a TV preacher, and Charles Manson. But then it ends in the middle of the clash of cultures.


The creepy cult leader Joseph Seed is the opponent

©Ubisoft manufacturer hill Billy’s, Trucks and lots of guns in “Far Cry”

The boundaries are however, somewhat different than in the real America. Instead of between the urban and rural population, it runs only between the fanatics and the “normal” people. In rural Montana, you can count big-city Liberals on one Hand. Instead, Billy’s with tank and truck cap are on both sides of the dirty Hill. And also in the choice of its means, are both in agreement.

according to the NRA Slogan, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good man with a gun” low-blow each other. Also, the player is mainly concerned with shooting. At each corner of the after the abbreviation of their community, “PEGgies” baptized fanatics lurk and not want to talk. Because the enemies will be patrolling the gigantic game world and immediately open fire, battles, is every path eventually, inevitably, from minutes long fire.


The shooting is quite fun – but it could something less be.

Less shooting would be also okay

because of the successful control and the rich Arsenal of weapons, although quite fun, a little less it would have done well. In the end, it is likely that hundreds, if not thousands, of digital life. A possibility to reduce the duration of battles, there isn’t unfortunately.

This is a shame, because the game world itself offers actually also with less Fighting enough employment. The extremely realistic looking forest and mountain scenery is very pleasant sights and invites you to Explore. In addition, forests and rivers are filled with wild animals and fish that want to be hunted, and fished.

cars, boats and even airplanes and helicopters to bring additional variety, if the fuzzy control of the vehicles is ruining the fun. Who puzzled like, can erknobeln access to Prepper Hide. The way you have to shoot in between but always free. The tires.


The realistic landscape invites you to Explore. In front of the great-looking fire, one should take but Eight: It spreads rapidly from

©manufacturer Ubisoft to act as a backdrop

it is Great that you can play all of the game’s content together with friends, however, on the same console. Even the history you can experience (almost) completely together.

The plot itself is quite nice, but not very enlightening. It serves more as a guideline, you shimmy through the world of the game. Away from the fresh scenarios, in the American North and the creepy, moral Arrogance of a sadistic cult leader, the story has to tell little Enriching.

As a comment on the current political Situation of the USA you may not understand the life of a Canadian Studio of Ubisoft “Far Cry 5” that is probably why. Although there are times allusions to Trump a phone call from a politician, the “Make Montana Great Again,” shouted and a gigantic ice wall to Canada would like to build -that is, the division of the US company to the party lines, but will not be addressed.


Also, the resistance fighters are patriots, and weapons fanatics

©Ubisoft manufacturer

Instead of the dirty-rough life style of the hill Billy’s at the same time for its simplicity celebrated, and in his religious extremism is the enemy. The only anomaly: In the case of the “good” hill Billy’s, there is considerably more ethnic diversity. But that could be simply due to the fact that almost all enemies look the same. Whether the clever comment, or laziness of the developers is, is a different question.

conclusion: fun without Thinking

Given the current political Situation in the USA, a clever history of the social division would have had its appeal. In “Far Cry 5” is used, but only as a backdrop for an Action-Packed, very well-implemented Shooter in pretty surroundings. Who is more expected is to have fun – especially if you play together with friends. This is true not only for adults: Due to the very explicit and sometimes gruesome violence, the game belongs in the hands of children.

Far Cry 5

Genre: action platform. PS4, XBox One, PCAltersfreigabe: 18 years and up