“Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle” is different than previous Mario games. This starts with the Setting: Mario’s beloved mushroom Kingdom has been overrun by insane Bunny “Raving Rabbids”. Not only the world was plunged into Chaos, but also the bunnies in whimsical Monster turns. And Mario to clean up.

Instead of taxes, as usual, the plumber, directs the player to a small disc with rabbit ears due to the insane game world. Mario and his Team chase after a boy. His Team? Right. Instead of a figure you control three at once through the tricky puzzles built-up fights. Directly you are not allowed to control his characters in the Fight. Instead, one determines in a planning phase, who runs where, which skills the character uses, and what opponent he should shoot. Everything is done, the opponent is on the train. A kind of chess game with jump attacks, and honey-rocket launcher.


In the fight against the Rabbids, Mario and his brother Luigi to grab the first Time to creak.


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The Team you choose from eight characters. Mario, his brother Luigi, Peach and the dinosaur Yoshi are from old Games. In addition, each of the four has a mad Rabbid-twin. All the characters have different weapons and abilities that you can improve over time and expand. Mario jumps around opponents on the head, the Peach-Bunny heals his friends, and scaredy-cat Luigi shoots particularly well from a distance. Whom you need and when, depends on the respective Level.

The it is quite. In the standard variant, you have to defeat a group of enemies, and other achieve a certain goal. Boss battles are trickier. The gigantic Gorilla-monkey heals around constantly, even with bananas. How to keep him from, you have to find out first.


The bosses are trickier than other fights. Here you have to figure out how to get to the Gorilla-Bunny to his healing bananas brings


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beat the fun Of Christoph Fröhlich The power of is enormous. The basic Gameplay you know from the Fan-favorite “XCOM”, most of the players it should be but new. Thanks to its cuddly graphics and the Humor of Mario & Rabbids developed very quickly a own charm. The deserts, Icescapes, or cemeteries very varied world is full of little jokes and hidden secrets.

The real strength of the challenging fights. Through the amazing tactical depth Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle is “” part is a real challenge. Casuals and children, sometimes it might be almost too heavy. It is almost impossible to it is still Stuck on a Level, you can switch at the beginning of the round even on the easy mode, in which the characters take more and dish out.

Great for: those Who like to play together a separate Co-op campaign play, you take turns controlling two characters.


As of Mario used to Play “Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle” lots of variety, here the force on the cemetery

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The Experiment is managed entirely clear: With “Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle” for Nintendo and developer Ubisoft something completely New married and it will be recast terrific. Clearly, the Gameplay is clearly inspired by the “XCOM”. By the endless creativity and the amazingly harmonious blend of Marios-hop attacks and the lunatic charm of the Rabbids, it gets a character all of its own. The difficulty could overwhelm the casual player something occasionally. Nevertheless, A real “must have” title for Switch owners. Especially for those who appreciate a challenge.

“Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle” is in stores now and will cost from 50 euros.

Genre: Action/strategy

platform: Nintendo Switch

USK: from 6 years