Digital voice assistant, to conquer, despite some privacy concerns in Germany on the market. According to a study by Postbank, 32 percent of people already use in this country, the wizard of Apple, Google and Amazon.

compared to the previous year, which was an increase of twelve percentage points was informed by the Postbank. In the case of the Younger ones in the age under 40 years, every Second (48 percent) with Siri, Google Assistant, or with Alexa speaks, therefore, of almost. In the distribution of the Google Assistant is according to the survey, with 19 percent, followed by Apple’s Siri (15 percent), and Amazon’s Echo speaker with Alexa, which is used by 8 percent of respondents. Among the Younger (Digital Natives), however, has Siri (28 percent) compared to a Google Assistant (27 percent), the nose just in front.

The intensive, the digital assistant will be used the most therefore in families. While 52 percent of households with four persons and more living with a language assistant, in Three-person households, 39 per cent and around 20 per cent in Single person households. Postbank’s Digital boss Thomas Brosch is mainly seen in the age group from 50 years ago, still a lot of potential.

in addition to the query of the weather report, the control of music playback or light, there is also a growing interest in the language wizard for the account query, or Transfers to the benefit of said Brosch. He was convinced that “will enforce the use of financial applications about voice assistants in the future”.