It was one of Donald Trumps favorite statements in the election campaign: The world trade of the United States would be dragged over the table, with some easy-win trade wars he could restore Balance. The consequences for the US economy are yet to assess the full damage, but now immense. Of all things Apple could bring to CEO Tim Cook the turn. He explained to the President the consequences of his decisions.

“We had a very good Meeting,” said Trump on Sunday on the way back to the White house. At the Dinner on Friday, the Apple CEO had talked to him about the punitive tariffs. “He had very good arguments,” said Trump. It seems to US to be President have not been aware of that by the trade of conflict not only China suffers from – but also the US companies.


“He says to me that Samsung, their main competitor, the duties don’t have to pay. Because you are sitting in Korea,” said Trump to a number of television teams. “It is for Apple a disadvantage, if you need to pay them and a very potent competitor does not,” he sums up his knowledge. “I thought that was very reasonable. I’ll think about it.”

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get The Argument that the US economy is at a disadvantage compared to other States due to the punitive tariffs, is of course not a new one. Trump had it wiped again and again set aside. Already before the entry into force of the tariffs warnings had become loud, that the duties be disadvantaged, particularly the US economy and its consumers. A study by the University of Stanford in the spring, confirmed it: The US is losing, therefore, 4.5 billion dollars through the action – each and every month. China also feels the consequences of the forced conflict. “Both sides lose,” said trump’s former adviser, Gary Cohn, the location in front of “Newsweek”.

Trump is against the Tech-groups

That Trump is now brought, of all things, from the CEO of a Tech company to Think about, surprised. The belligerent U.S. President, had attacked last time, several Silicon Valley companies, because they may be set in his view, too liberal. Apple also was the target of his criticism: The company had recently moved the production of its high-performance computer Mac Pro from Texas to China. The conversation with the Cook had accepted the Trump, however, and even several days in advance proudly announced.

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the “esteemed” head of Apple, Trump Still will not be able to bring to the General task of its China strategy. Although the US economy groans now noticeable among the consequences, seems to Trump to be more convinced. Cook also knows that. His goal seems to have been, therefore, no General change in thinking, but to a special control for Apple to beat out. In recent months, the US had announced government to exempt some industries from the customs duties, other measures were suspended for several months.

Still, Apple is preparing in the last few months, increasingly to shift production of its devices from China. Early Trump is not happy about it. As the new location is not the United States are planned, but India, Vietnam, and also Trumps the second favorite enemy in Mexico.

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