Game fair, Gamescom, from 21. – 24. August, in Cologne, gamescom starts on Monday evening (20: 00) with a festive gala, hundreds of thousands of visitors to Gamescom 2019 erwartetSo you see, the Gamescom live on the Internet, Gamescom starts with a great Opening Night

18: 36: Gamescom Opening Night begins on Monday evening by 20 clock. Who wants to watch the opening live, you can do this via Live-Stream on YouTube. In the framework of the Opening Night, numerous world firsts “and exciting new products” of the Games industry expected. Will be moderated the Event by Geoff Keighley, the host and producer of the “The Game Awards”.

German prefer to play on your Smartphone

11.33 PM: The Smartphone, the game console has to be replaced as the most popular device for video games. 85 percent of the players in Germany use your cell phone, 77 percent play on a console. The results of a Bitkom survey, the digital Association game in the run-up to the computer fair Gamescom published.

in 2018, and was therefore still the game console, with 85 percent in the front, and 79 percent of the respondents played on the Smartphone. “In particular, young users want to play there, where you are and how it is best to your current life situation,” said Bitkom Executive Committee member Olaf May.

May asked the game manufacturer, to facilitate access to a game on multiple devices. For this, it is also necessary that “the payment models, a maximum flexibility is ensured”. He called in this context, the music streaming as an example, and predicted: “Games move to the Cloud. Popular games are made via a Streaming deal at the same time on PC, TV, Tablet and mobile via Smartphone available.” The new 5G mobile and wireless technology could spur the market for “quite safely”.

Overall, reported according to Bitkom, 43 percent of respondents play video games. The share of the players was, therefore, in the case of men (45 percent) and women (41 percent) in a similar way. The Association surveyed more than 1200 German from the age of 16.

Gamescon the Community wants is a stronger focus on

Monday, 19. August 2019, 10.36 PM: The Gamescom is buzzing – and growing. Under the Motto “Together we are Games” back, the organizers will this year once again the Community at the centre. Cosplayer in imaginative costumes, E-sportsmen and Fortnite-fighters, professional gamers, but also avid casual player will pull it in the next week to Cologne. For the hustle and Bustle of the Games Community that will take the Cathedral city of a week in hardware, has increased the Koelnmesse, once again, in terms of surface area. And with new concepts should be taken care of for a more feel-good climate among the gamers.

The important international industry Event for digital games will be held this year to 210,000 square meters, the equivalent of five percent more area than before. A total of about 1000 exhibitors from over 50 countries are expected, as the Koelnmesse announced. In the past year, according to the organizers, the world’s largest Event for Computer and video games recorded around 370,000 visitors.

The strong stream of visitors has made in recent years for the growing throng in the halls and hours standing in long queues. This should now be a thing of the past. For more feel-good climate to provide Koelnmesse with several measures. So the corridors will be widened in the halls. Additional Lounge and Catering areas and outdoor areas to relax, the atmosphere, the traditional visitor to EQ Hotspots and stay for visitors to the fair make it convenient. The newly introduced evening Ticket is also to equalize the pressure. The aim was to offer visitors even more entertainment around the theme of Computer and video games, said Tim Endres, Gamescom-the Director of the Koelnmesse. dpa

Gaming-news at Gamescom for the first time to play

unlike the game fair E3 in Los Angeles, which sees itself as a news-trade fairs for trade visitors, the Gamescom has always been directly to the Fan community of gamers. What is the fair make up in Cologne, traditionally, was the successful mix of providers with the Community and the Fans, says games expert Stephan Freundorfer. “As a network meeting place for the industry, the Gamescom in Germany and Europe is far still undefeated.”

some of the novelty, which was announced at E3, will be in Cologne for the first time in Germany playable. For a lot of Furore in the last years, also new game consoles, the big vendors Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo – and at the same time, the business of the industry inspires. This year the Gamescom will not be able to benefit as well: the First next-Generation devices are currently not expected before 2020.

But it is now even without powerful consoles. Cloud Gaming, according to Game one of the big Trends in Cologne, also brings technically challenging tracks in the Smartphone or the Laptop – and according to the industry Association has the potential to change the industry greatly. Need a low-latency and fast connection to the Internet, however, is. Sony, with PlayStation Now already in the Trend, but also Google with its game platform Stadia from the Cloud a lot.

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this year will also see world premieres, such as the Koelnmesse and the industry Association, game stress. On the “Opening Night Live” on Monday before the fair starts. It takes place in the newly created third level in hall 11. The Gala in the industry well-known Moderator leads Geoff Keighley, and is expected to provide the necessary gloss. Keighley have made with his Game Awards for his Expertise for exciting video-game evenings, and the proof says Freundorfer. If you can’t make it on Monday to Cologne or on the exhibition grounds, can watch the Event in Livestream on the net.

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