It should be the big one: With the introduction of the foldable Galaxy Folds Samsung saw again as a pioneer in the Smartphone industry. Only days before the market start the Experiment now moved for an indefinite period of time, because the first Tester to a series of reported errors. However, the failed Launch shows a lot of deeper problems.

Destroyed after a few days,

In this case, the Fold would be sufficient-Disaster alone, to shoot smaller Smartphone firms to the sidelines. Samsung had sent dozens of devices to Tech journalists and Influencers – and is likely to regret the now powerful. At four of the most influential Tech experts, the 2000 Euro device failed after a few days, many more posted often bizarre error. The Feedback was simply devastating.

MWC 2019 Mate X: With this Smartphone Huawei Samsung hunts in front of it By Malte Mansholt

The biggest Problem is the most important Feature: the foldable Display is calculated. Several testers away, a film that you thought was a protector, and destroyed the device. A warning before that, it was not from Samsung. In the case of the other had accumulated after a low the use of foreign body under the flexible screen. Also, users of intact devices complained that in the middle of the folding-crease was and the two Display pages are not running synchronously, and so part of the delay was.

Samsung to Troubleshooting

“A first investigation of the errors reported showed that pressure on the top and bottom could insert parts of the folding mechanism. In addition, affected in one case, in the device substances, concluded the performance,” said Samsung on Monday according to the Tech blog “The Verge”. As bad as the exploding Note 7 this is not, of course, bad for the Image but all. At the end of Samsung pulled the rip cord and suspended for this week’s planned market launch, all of the Test devices were recovered, reports “Reuters”. In the case of customers, none of the devices had arrived.

Test New Smartphones Galaxy S10 in the Test: Samsung makes it the buyers hard By Malte Mansholt

How could it come to the delivery of such an obviously unfinished product, know only Samsung. The basic motive should be the desire to be first with the new concept on the market. In addition to Samsung also competitors like Huawei had announced in February, to bring foldable Smartphones on the market. The Chinese group makes Samsung more and more pressure, this year, he could overtake the long-time Smartphone king, the number of devices sold.

Samsung and the boredom of

and For Samsung, the Fold also as an innovation would have been a Symbol important. After you could for years set new standards in Smartphones were the Galaxy Smartphones in the last few years as a chic, but not boring. While Huawei was able to score at P30 Per (our Test) with a Four-camera and up to 50-fold Zoom, had for latest Samsung S10 models (also tested by us), except a hole in the Display little Revolutionary.

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The perceived lack of Innovation at the top models to Report, according to analysts-even in the sales figures reflect. They should be similar bad as the disappointing S9, reported, “9to5google”. Also the prices do not Bode well: Since the start of sales at the end of February, about the price of the Galaxy S10+ is tumbling down from 1250 to only 910 Euro.

No experiments.

the flagship models seem rather boring, to Samsung’s strategy, innovations are more likely in the cheaper models to try out. Recently, new approaches such as Four cameras, or a retractable Selfie-Snapping rather in the middle class models, in the case of the expensive Premium devices, Samsung gave rather conservative, with the exception of the Galaxy Fold.

The competition had decided against the construction of the Fold – though for different reasons. “Samsung variant, wherein the Display inside is folded, we had also tested. We have discarded. No one wants to use a bulky device,” said Huawei’s Smartphone chief, Richard Yu, in an Interview with the star. The Huawei Mate X the Display bulges when you close the outside of the device. Whether you can save also Samsung problems.

sources: The Verge, 9to5google, Reuters