Volkswagen wants to expand in the cross – industry competition for the best people, the number of Software and IT experts in the group solid.

Alone at the VW brand passenger Cars a minimum of 2000 new jobs about Software and electronics architecture, said group Board member for human resources Gunnar Kilian, the German press Agency.

According to the group CIO Martin Hofmann will be adjusted in the enterprise IT in the coming twelve months, a further 850 people. Since the beginning of 2018, there have been more than 400 external new hires. Overall, the group engaged in the sector of around 12 000 people.

Volkswagen has given the Trends in E-mobility, connectivity and Autonomous a huge need for Software professionals To. The increasing networking of production, the “industry 4.0”. However, the industry competes Primus not only with the car manufacturers to the best minds in the Software area, but also with high-tech giants such as Apple and Google. Kilian stressed that Volkswagen had placed in the competition “today is good”.

Recently, it was known, however, that the new Golf 8 will be produced due to problems with Software and electronics, initially in smaller quantities than planned. Anyway, the German car maker to apply as a late starter in terms of digitization.

In the Segment vehicle-IT at VW have been busy since the start of 2018, more than 700 positions in the technical development, including 280, for example, for automated Driving, connectivity, sensor technology, and electrification.

The setting is another, of several Hundred experts are expected to be there. In the case of digitisation in the car, Volkswagen is also cooperating with the Software giant Microsoft, the networking of the world’s 122 factories of the car wants to use Bauer Cloud services from Amazon. Hofmann stated that in the company IT Volkswagen for years was “the leader”.

at the beginning of February a private “Recruiting Center” for the Volkswagen brand, resumed the work, said Kilian. Its Director Andrea Morgan-Schönwetter said, the company go on the offensive to potential employees: “We are waiting for that, anyway, all want to Volkswagen and Wolfsburg.

this is Why we make all of our fields of Innovation clearer and show the candidate how much you can help shape the future of mobility.” In today’s competitive world, it is not enough to place marketing phrases. “The proportion of those who do not apply active, is relatively large. We want to have a go.”

In addition, Volkswagen is in March in the newly established “faculty 73” the first 100 software developers themselves. “This is a promising start,” stressed Kilian. For the second Year will be discussed whether a further 100 or 200 employees to be trained: “The next year course to follow in any case.”