The Federal court of justice (BGH) today announced a decision to a privacy lawsuit by consumers against Facebook. With a final judgment, however, should not be expected.

After the trial, in mid-December, it appears more likely that the judges in Karlsruhe is switched on in the case to the European court of justice (ECJ).

is Disputed because of the Play of other providers, the users were able to connect to via the “App center” of Facebook, in the Version from the year 2012. With your click on “Instant play” they agreed to direct the Transfer of your data to the game operator. The applications were also entitled to post in the name of the user contributions.

The Federation of German consumer organisations had Facebook, this will take court action to ban. In contrast, the network fights in Karlsruhe, Germany. The matter has been complicated, however, because, in the meantime, in the EU the new data protection regulation applies. This raises new questions. It’s not even clear whether consumer associations in data privacy may complain of violations at all representative of the user. (Az. I ZR 186/17)