The auction of 5G mobile radio frequencies has broken another Billion – so you will bring in more money than expected.

The sum of Maximum bids and payment obligations due to retracted bids rose on Wednesday afternoon to a good EUR 5 billion, as from the website of the Federal network Agency. External experts were assumed to be prior to the start of the Auction revenue of between three and five billion euros.

It was already the 167. Auction round since the Start more than three weeks ago. Participants in the three existing network operators German Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica (O2), as well as of the newcomers are the Drillisch group.

on the end of the current auction is not foreseeable – in the meantime there had been almost a lull Offered, indicating an end to the auction. However, the auction started up again – the Federal government can, so expect a strong financial injection. The money he wants to put in the digitization process, for example in fibre-optic expansion in the country. However, the state assumptions are controversial – critics such as the trade Union Verdi, complain to the company financial would be deprived of funds they would need for grid expansion.

The expansion requirements for the network operator are considered to be particularly strict. By the end of 2022, 98% of the households, as well as the car are to be supplied to Railways and other routes with fast mobile Internet.