Apple now has two robotic lines for the iPhone-Recycling in use, and capable of cutting up to 2.4 million units per year.

How many phones it actually, depends, among other things, of the number of users who decide their discarded cell phones to Apple to sell, said the environmental protection competent Top Manager Lisa Jackson of the dpa.

in Addition, check Apple first whether these devices could be improved and re-sold. In the past Apple-the fiscal year of the first robot had been disassembled with the name Daisy, about one Million iPhones, as the new environmental report of the group. At the same time, 7.8 million of the Apple devices sold had been restored and is again in the trade.

The Daisy-robots can currently take 15 iPhone models, the parts are apart. The goal is, valuable materials such as precious metals are thoroughly used to recycle for example, cobalt from batteries could be almost 100 percent for the production of new batteries. One of the robots is in a new laboratory for Recycling-research in Austin, Texas. The second is in the Netherlands, in operation.

Jackson, a former Head of the U.S. environmental protection Agency, EPA, had issued in 2017, the goal is to build technology at some point with re-used materials – or at least newly mined raw materials with the range of Recycling materials of value to offset to the other. Meanwhile, for example, in the case of some of the new models of the Mac will be manufactured-a Computer made of recycled aluminum. Apple has developed a special alloy, and can therefore use only the aluminum from its own devices in this way. “We need to approach the circuit destination step of the way,” said Jackson.