For a lot of people have replaced Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and co. long ago the classic television. No wonder, after all, they offer great shows and lots of Film Highlights on demand at any time to Stream. But you get really everything out of your Netflix subscription? With these 12 Tricks, the offer can still be much better.

These are Tricks to make Netflix better

you don’t even Know that Netflix for the same program? We will reveal how you can bring the service to really show just what you are interested in. Even if you have watched a movie only for the Partner’s sake. Also, spoiler of the enjoyment now finally free. And you know how you can enjoy in the long-distance relationship a common movie night. These Tricks and much more, see the tip range.

So you get the Most out of your Netflix subscription I really Look in HD?

In General, you see quickly, whether you look just high-definition content. But if you want to play it safe, or suspected, to get only a lower resolution is served, you can quickly find out in the settings.

the mouse first on the account icon, and click in the pull-down menu to “your account”. Under the “My profile” then click on “playback-to change the settings” to the quality. The rule here should be “Automatically” by default. You want to always look HD, you should select “High”. This is the hour for FullHD content, and even up to 7 GB for UltraHD, however, uses up to 3 gigabytes. In the end, you confirm your selection with “Save”.

it Is the movie I search at all with Netflix?

If you want to watch a certain movie, you can find, of course, directly with Netflix then. Or you look first at “”. This has a decisive advantage: the Film or the series in Netflix is not available, you can see at a glance where else you could find, such as Amazon Prime Video or Sky. Costs there, you get the same displayed.

How Netflix learns what you really want

like you Want to get better Netflix recommendations, you should easily rate as many movies and TV shows. Also, not on Netflix, but seen elsewhere. Especially at the beginning of Netflix don’t know what you look like, and proposes a correspondingly colorful selection. But later on, it is worth Netflix know which movies and TV shows you liked – or not at all.

Offline look

to use the Offline mode, you need to download the latest Version of the App for Android or iOS. The list of downloadable content in the menu that appears when you tap on the icon in the upper left corner.
you opted for a Download, the procedure is easy: It only opens the information page of the movie or the series, the Download icon will then appear. In the case of films right up, in series next to each Episode. If you tap on it, it the Download is added to the queue, which is then processed. In order to reach you fast, the App displays at the bottom a blue bar in which is displayed, how many objects have been already completed. to find
a list of the already loaded series and movies, you have to go back to the menu. There, the “My Downloads”. Here you can also delete already-viewed content again.

adjust subtitles

Whether for the original or for the hearing impaired: Netflix offers to all our content, including subtitles. The TV is way too far, but quickly changes to small. No Problem, because you can adapt any of the subtitles so that they are not always easy to see – even across devices.

To do this, open the account icon and click on “My account” settings. Under the “subtitle display” of the Font using the text size and color to the shadow and an additional Background, all the Details of the subtitle edit. Displays a preview after each Change, how you will look in the future.

for a Long vacation? Terminate!

you are Planning a longer Trip, it may be worthwhile to cancel the Netflix subscription. Finally, one has monthly periods. The end of the subscription and the holidays fall at the beginning, you can save even for a week. You’ll be back again, it takes only a few minutes to switch the subscription back to active.

Convenient control with a button

shortcuts to many people, the Laptop has replaced long ago on the TV. On the computer, it looks less comfortable than on the Couch with Netflix, the solution has some key advantages. The Webplayer is about wonderfully on the keyboard, key shortcuts, thanks.

Here, the most important are:

spacebar: Start/pause enter: play/pause picture high: the startup image down: PauseF: VollbildEsc: full page down end shift + left arrow: reverse coil shift + right arrow: forward arrow: the arrow: LeiserM: sound off/re-on Spoiler for series

prevent get Who regularly watches the series on Netflix, has already guaranteed of the content of a sequence gespoilert. Netflix shows in the default view, in each episode, a short description and so much betrays too often the plot of the episode.

The Chrome PlugIn “Lifehacker Fix Plus” ensures that this happens. The summary of the films and series, as well as the preview image in the default view, with a milk glass effect, if you move the mouse over it, the Text and image independently of each other to focus. In addition, Fix Plus offers lot of additional Features, such as a Trailer Button and reviews a large movie portals.

the languid movies of your friend not to shoot your Netflix account,

do you Want to have a look, a languid movie, without killing the hard-earned Action-profile? Or the friend regularly upsets the Romcom-selection with strange Buddy-Comedy? Then you have two options.

it Shares the same Netflix Account, for example, with a Partner, or with roommates, then everyone should create their own profile. The only way Netflix can really get to know your own taste, without being a complete outlier from the concept. To do this, you go with the mouse on the profile picture and then select “manage Profiles”. Here you can add a new profile, up to five are possible. Also children’s profiles are available, they contain only child-appropriate movies and TV shows.

however, If you are only ever in the mood for something different without wanting to be profile destroy, there is another way. You go with the mouse on the profile image that appears in the drop-down menu, the item “your account”. There you can retrieve the currently logged-in profile is a list of well-known media, it can be found under the “What you have seen.” In the list you have to click the “X” next to the relevant entry – a Film is gone. In the case of series you have to confirm again. The whole series from the profile flies, but also the same.

Together instead of alone

In a long-distance relationship or with far-flung friends of the common Film or series in the evening is often lacking. With the Chrome extension “Showgoers” can you look after all together for Netflix. The PlugIn synchronizes the Streams of all the participants, if it is paused or in the Stream bounces to all, this is what happens in all the others. A Chat Feature is also built-in. Who has no friends that like the same content, you can also join public groups and with a Strange look.

Netflix at work

Previously hidden Comics in textbooks, in teaching to read. Today, to look secretly at work Netflix series. On Apple computers, you can work even more. The slim Browser “Helium” you can place freely on the screen. The special feature is that He always remains in the foreground, the window is slightly transparent. You can even just click through the image. Now, one should just not too much through the series distract you.

With Plug-Ins more out of it

pick up anyone Who looks at Netflix in the Browser, so that you can get a lot more out of the service. With the Plug-In “Netflix Enhancer” extends the reviews of the Netflix user-movie database “IMDB” and “Rotten Tomatoes”. And who would like to have your own impression, you can even take a peek at a Trailer for the Film. Here is the Tool to Download. Just open the Link and click on “Add”. You’re ready to go.

Also, a neat Trick: The subtitles can be customized to your own taste to adjust. So you can make them about on extremely large TVs bigger – to be able to finally get a distance read. Also, the color can be customize.

A particularly useful Trick: anyone Who is regularly by train or aeroplane, you can fill his / her Smartphone or Tablet with TV shows and movies – and then offline look. this Feature that is the envy of vielöe Netflix Fans a long time customer of Amazon Prime Video.

Permanently Offline does not work-but, the media is after some time unusable. Until then, you can look at them but as often as you like. In addition, there is a limit to how many episodes and movies you can download. Note: The restriction applies across all your devices. A pity: On a Computer, the Download only works on the Netflix App for Windows 10. In the Browser, the Feature will not work unfortunately.