payment requests is full of spelling mistakes, much to enticing credit offers, or for alleged profits in the Online Shop: getting e-Mails in the mailbox, they want us to hit more or less obviously over the ear to come to us. A great analysis of Google’s Mail servers now shows: The attacks are often more sophisticated than one would initially suspect.

100 million Phishing Mails, i.e. Mails, the access to tap into the data – filters Google, according to Elie Bursztein, and Daniela Oliveira from the mail boxes of its customers. Each And Every Day. Burzstein works as a security researcher at the Internet group, Oliveira is a Professor at the University of Florida. Both of them have together created a study of the Scam mails, which you presented now at the Hacker conference Black.

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Phishing-Mails are not so arbitrary as they appear at first glance. “The phishers have perfected the method long,” says Bursztein. The e-Mails would use psychological Tricks to bring users to return the desired data to the experts. The most popular fear of authority, greed or an emotional response such as compassion. So, about the threats of the supposed leaders, or the tax authority, the flutter of the users to the e-mail subject, it is a classic lured with money or with any sob stories.

Whether the method works also depends on our mood. “If we feel good, and decreases our ability to detect deception attempts,” says Oliveira. Hormones that lift our mood, make us thus also less risk-averse and thus more prone to Fall.

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highly specialized attacks

For a high degree of professionalization is that companies are much attacked more frequently than private customers. Google offers as a service provider, company Mail Server. In these accounts, the number of Phishing Attempts is 4.8 times as high as regular Gmail accounts.

The attacks were mostly in three categories, according to the researchers. The so-called “Spear Phishing” (spear fishing) would be the only individuals in sight, the would be fired with specially tailored messages. The “Boutique Phishing” select the attacker, several employees of the same organization as the target. Usually it’s a few dozen people. And then Bulk Phishing “(ground fish) is because of the” – the big network, random victims would be collected.

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The researchers recommend to be when you Open E-Mails always skeptical – and to enable Two-factor authentication. In addition to the password, you still need a generated Code. The best known method via SMS, the experts do not recommend but. Some of the programs could easily read in the Background of the SMS and then still log in. Instead, you should rely on a specialized App like Google Authenticator, so the recommendation. Even better special USB-Sticks are. The are, however, only supports a few services.

sources: Black hat, Fast Company

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