Counter-Strike Global Offensive developers are some of the most beloved among the community of gamers. In the past, things weren’t going great, especially with Valve’s development team constantly ignoring valid requests of gamers to fix some right things in the game. You may think that this led to a bad situation for CS GO, but developers changed something in the game after a few months to throw a bone to unhappy gamers. Stuck at a rank and don’t know what to do to reach the next rank, shows where you lack so you can improve.

During all this fuss, developers released the latest patch of Counter-Strike Global offensive that features some matchmaking changes, a new game mode, and some new competitive maps, but the talk of the hour is the updated fair play guidelines for official game servers. At first, it may look the same, but when you tap on the link in the guidelines, it takes you to a page with new guidelines.

With these new guidelines in the house, developers want no cheater in the game, and they will take strict action against those who engage in such activities. Moreover, they say they are enforcing the no automation and no abusing policy in the game with all their force to keep things fair and square for everyone.

Why were these steps crucial? Because those who love to grind their way to the top of the leaderboard were sick of some cheater killing them using an aimbot or things like that. These updates have already caused a lot of despair for cheaters all around the globe, but it is routine work for developers.

There is a note at the end of the guidelines page with a term known as ‘play to win’ that means that you need to play the match you entered to win it no matter what happens. There is bad news for gamers who lose intentionally or disrupt their teammates during the match. Now they will have to play the match they entered no matter if they like it or not.

From the gamer community, there is a mixed response to all the changes in the latest patch, but 90% of players agree with all the new additions to the guidelines, and those who don’t agree have other reasons. Everyone is sick and tired of cheaters as they are a headache who can end your killing streak with you having no idea about what happened.