Half-Life 2’s 2004 release date is before Steam tracks concurrent player data.

In an event called “Breaking the Bar”, the Half-Life community decided to rally together and get as many concurrent players together as possible. Everyone who wanted to participate had to run and play Half-Life 2. Streamers would also be participating to increase attention. Although the reasoning may be a bit more complex, sometimes it is necessary to unite behind something. They reached a peak of 16101 concurrent players at 3.30pm with additional 8,630 viewers on Twitch.

Interesting fact: Half-Life 2 is actually quite old. __S.7__ They had to beat 6,882 concurrent players, which was more than twice their goal. However, we don’t know how many people played Half-Life 2 in 2004. Are there ever been more than 7000 concurrent users before? This is just one of the many life stats that you can be forever curious about.