does not clean up at last to the nursery. That is probably the dream of all parents. This Problem wants to Preferred Networks, Inc. Tokyo solve. In the laboratory, the clean-up robots makes a good impression. The technicians of the company to develop Software for industrial robots.

industry is a rewarding task, because the robot love tasks that repeat. The Situation in the recreated children’s room looks a bit chaotic and is never. In a company video, a staff toy, dirty Laundry and waste scattered on the ground. That looks quite realistic. First of all, the clean-up robot looks around with some consternation. It seems, at least, in fact, he scans the room to identify the objects that are in the right place.

object detection is the main problem

“Our robot must be able to recognize hundreds of different objects and then decide what to do,” says Jun Hatori. With his claws, the robot grabs a sock and puts you in the container for dirty Laundry, an empty yogurt comes in cups in the trash and the children’s toys in the toy box. Movements and sorting seem a little awkward, but the object detection in real-time is already working well.

Preferred Networks Inc. front has Large. The robot should not only be able to put away stuff, but as a helper in the household. He’s supposed to take packets in the reception and the dishes from the table into the machine pack. Through built-in cameras, he sees the objects and uses Deep Learning to identify them and then to decide what to do with them. Thanks to the robot you should never need to search something, because the machine will automatically create an inventory list of the whole house.

Preferred Networks developed the Software, the Hardware, the “human assistance robot” comes from Toshiba.

five-year waiting period

“We decided, in the consumer market, because the technology available to now reach a level, the household is not Mature enough,” said Daisuke Okanohara, co-founder of Preferred Networks on a fair. “The potential of personal robots is large and, as yet, no company dominates the market.”

Five years should it take until a robot is ready for the market, as long as the parents have to clean up to continue the children’s room.

source. Preferred Networks

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