Seven police officers stood on the last Thursday in front of a door in Bielefeld, Germany. They had been prepared for resistance to escalation, says state’s attorney Christoph Hebbecker who accompanied them. Finally, the man had presented behind the door in the Internet as a hateful guy. 17 of his Postings were so violent, that the suspicion of the incitement to hatred and the use of anti-constitutional characters. But the 55-Year-old proved to be peacefully and handed over his cell phone.

murder in Kassel, the Political attack? CDU politician Walter Lübcke Unknown shot

The search in Bielefeld inserts, was part of a nationwide RAID, 38, co-ordinated by the Federal criminal police office. Beat six o’clock in the morning picked up by police officers, dozens of Suspects from their beds, searched their homes, confiscated computers and Smartphones. Already for the fourth Time, a “day of action to combat hate Postings should be back up” evidence. To the General public, demonstrate that the police and the judiciary decided against the ever-more drastic Statements in the social media approach.

baiting new Dimension

adopted the forms of hatred in the net, was about the violent death of Walter Lübcke, President of the government of Kassel. The CDU politician, the clear edge against foreigners of enemy spells had shown, was threatened and was temporarily under police protection. Even after his death on the terrace of his house, he is overwhelmed with hatred and malice, and as a “traitor” insults that deserve “no sympathy”. “The bastard has to get the mercy shot! RESPECT!”, a user wrote under the Pseudonym of “Franz brand of wine” on Youtube.

The platform has deleted the post, in the meantime, the demands from the Bundestag in September 2017 adopted “network enforcement of the law”. But that alone is not rich in finds, Christoph Hebbecker. He is the spokesperson of a Department of the Cologne public Prosecutor’s office, the relevant criminal hate comments followed, in particular in the case of suspected sedition. Through close cooperation with the media such as RTL, “the Cologne Express”, and the German wave, with the North Rhine-Westphalian state office of criminal investigation and the state media authority you want to achieve an “effective sanction”. “Our aim is not to punish the perpetrators, otherwise it holds you by the next fact,” says Hebbecker.

payday President of the government of Kassel takes leave of Walter Lübcke

lack of a awareness of the effect of hate-Postings. “That may be, in individual cases, not much of a story, the danger of the mass is, therefore, one must lead this war.” Especially online, the same laws would apply as they do offline. “If one runs with a swastika flag from the marketplace or a swastika in the Internet posts, is the Same.”


Hebbecker says, “everyone who is in the network, two clicks on the road, sees a crime”. More often, insults like “scum” or “freak” are. The Belief is widespread that you can’t do anything about it, and the judicial system have little interest in a pursuit.

error says Hebbecker. “You have to put prosecutors in the position to be active.” While you need to, for example, determine in the case of sedition, ex officio, is an insult, a “claim in tort”. Without active citizens, the police could do nothing.

conversely, a number of convictions of the past weeks show that Ad can lead to success:

– An old nurse, who had been on Facebook as a “stupid cow” and “frigid Old” abused, showed the clerk. The 47-Year-old was sentenced by the local court of Balingen to 500 Euro fine.

– A 45-Year-old was in an uproar in the social media about a paedophile children’s doctor: “The pig is part of hung up.” Criminal asylum-seekers were “beaten to death”. The Augsburg district court sentenced him for sedition and incitement to an Offence to 18,000 Euro fine.

payday President of the government, the attorney General sees right-wing extremist Background in the murder case, Lübcke –

– A man from Frankenthal, compared to the CDU Bundestag members Torbjörn Kartes as “criminals” reviled and Africans with animals, cashing in on a criminal warrant for insult and incitement of the people: 1000 Euro.

The Berlin District of the city Council Falko Liecke was after his public criticism of members of the Arab clan of a young man as a “Bastard” insults. Liecke was the author for defamation. The Amtsgericht Tiergarten, sentenced the 18-Year-olds to 750 Euro fine.

Elaborate puzzle work

One of the most elaborate investigations, the police was in Heilbronn. Ahmet C., then 21, was noticed two years ago at a rose Monday celebration, he was assigned to folders from the festival hall, landed in police custody and accused of later officials of the police Neckarsulm, to have beaten him. On his Facebook page he posted a photo of himself with a swollen eye – what to more than 600 comments were received. In many of them police officers were insulted, such as “Nazis, dirty cops, sons of Whores, idiots”. In the other, the abbreviation ACAB: “All cops are bastards”. A clerk posted with the idiosyncratic spelling: “the head digger get the bollen pigs for your bill I am convinced of that.” You was surprised about the extent of the hatred, says police spokesman Frank Belz.

Ahmet C.’s allegations against the police were investigated by an investigation, the colleagues had acted correctly, says Belz. The young man was convicted of resistance against law enforcement officers to a fine of 3000 euros. An officer tried to identify the author of the hate-posts, and wrote in part, under the fantasy name of. Of a request in Facebook, which would have been associated with a complex legal assistance, we were apart, so Belz. Instead, the colleague I observed for months and months the Internet presence of the Suspect and at some point “better in their Facebook-profiles and known as the self”. She compared the names with the register, compared the photos, was looking for posted on car number plates, until it was safe to know, with whom they had to do it.