Ikea – so far, big blue-and-yellow shopping blocks on the green Meadow. And this concept was also for many decades. Those who wanted a new kitchen, the children to the youth room have been converted into or when there is a residential community did not want to spend horrendous a lot of money for a large dining table – they all went to Ikea. But also in the furniture trade has changed a lot. There has long been competition from the web. Even Ikea has recognized that the group needs to online upgrade – but so far, the business in the network was more of an additional business. But now the Swedes get serious. Ikea rips and tears the rudder and changes its strategy.

“We continue to grow and continue to be very successful. We note, however, that the retail landscape is changing at an unprecedented scale and speed,” says Jesper Brodin, chief of the Ingka group, part of Ikea. “Because the customer behavior is changing rapidly, we are investing in our business and build on it to meet the needs of our customers in new Ways.” Specifically, this means that Ikea is changing – or more accurately needs to change. The Online presence is to be expanded, and new house concepts. So Ikea plans in 30 cities worldwide, urban shops, as they are already in Hamburg. There, customers will not get the entire range, also the exhibition area is smaller, but accessories and decorative items can be purchased.

A product failed completely, Ikea, Höffner and scooters to the Test – who has the best cheap furniture?

Cheap furniture together, screws are not only Ikea, but also at Höffner and scooters. But for whom the quality is the best? The ZDF has made the Test. A product had to be pulled after that, even from the traffic.

By Daniel Bakir Ikea plans new stores in Nürnberg, Bochum and Essen

the large facility houses outside of cities no longer meet the needs of customers, white Ikea. Therefore, Sweden will revise its planned new store openings in Nuremberg and Munich-Eching. So to open up in Nuremberg, a smaller branch and, in addition, there should be a warehouse for Online deliveries. In addition, Ikea would like to open new houses in Essen and Herne and Bochum. Plans for stores in Bottrup, and Castrop-Rauxel had been buried this year.

Swedish furniture house study revealed, when we are too old for Ikea furniture

Ikea Germany grew the least by 2.8 percent in Germany, and cracked for the first time, the 5-billion-Euro mark. In international comparison, too little was there, the group grew by 4.7 percent. In Germany, it is primarily the Online Shop, which prospered: A Plus of 12.8 percent in the past year. However, the share of Online purchases compared to the branches is still low. Only 7.4 percent (371 million euros) of the total turnover is Ikea in the network. That should change now. For Ikea distribution centers want to be able to the goods faster to the customer. The first of this kind started in the lower Saxony Elsdorf at the beginning of October.

Jobs fall away in the case of Ikea and the new added

This also means, however, that, worldwide, around 7500 jobs “are eliminated mainly in global functions and the country’s Central,” at Ikea. On the other hand, also around 11,500 new jobs to come in the new, smaller shops and Online Expansion. “For us this means that we will be able to engage with our customers, whenever and wherever you wish, and our products and Services in different Ways to offer, at prices that can afford the many people,” said a Manager from the Ikea parent company. “To make this possible, we need to change the way we lead, work and organize ourselves.”

Shanghai Ikea throw insult rampaging pensioners-course from the Restaurant

coffee, gossip, flirt, and guests: Some of the seniors spend a lot of time in an Ikea Restaurant. The wreck-pensioners occupy with your regulars. That’s the end, the Management action is now.