Samsung wants to bring his auffaltbares Smartphone Galaxy Fold after a false start in April and now in September in selected markets in the trade. Specific information for individual countries would be announced at a later date, informed the
the Smartphone market leader, on Thursday. The time you have for improvements to the Design and the user experience. Starting in April prior to the planned market to the part of massive problems with test devices occurred. In Germany, the device was originally intended for around 2000 Euro on 3. May come in the trade.

In the current devices, the upper protective layer of the display had been enlarged, so that it is clearly as an integral part of
recognizable, it said. In addition, the device has the protection against external particles in additional reinforcements. So the hinges with further protection would flap reinforced. Additional metal layers provided for a better protection below the
Displays. In addition, the distance between the hinge and the housing has been reduced.

in The April to journalists distributed devices had not survived the first test part. The hinge, both Displays together and it was a great vulnerability, it said in media reports. Some testers had also deducted erroneously, the protective layer on the Display, which was intended as a part of the screen. Also the large gap between the hinge and the housing when the flip is closed has been criticized.

For Samsung is the Galaxy Fold as an important Prestige project. The device should be the world’s first on the market, which
screen: the size of a small tablet unfold. With its Chinese competitor Huawei, which wanted to send his Mate X into the race, fought the South Korean company since the beginning of the year a fast race. Shortly after the botched debut of the Fold also Huawei back suspended, however, the previously announced mid-year market launch – the Mate of X is now to come in September in the trade.

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