Samsung has, according to a media report, despite the false start during his first Auffalt Smartphone even larger plans for the device class. The Smartphone market leader wool imagined at the beginning of next year, a smaller and cheaper model, wrote the financial service Bloomberg.

Unfolded, should have the screen with a diagonal of 6.7 inches (17 cm) in the Format of a conventional smartphone, when folded, the phone should fit in as a handy square in the bag, it said, citing informed persons. Such a device, which is based on ancient flip-phones, is already expected from the brand Motorola to the Chinese Lenovo group.

Samsung unveiled in February around 2000 Euro expensive Smartphone Galaxy Fold, in which the Display can be the size of a square tablet to expand. For the end of April, announced the market launch had to be postponed after U.S. journalists to a series of reported after a few days of broken test equipment.

it is Now speculated about a new start-up in September. Samsung should have stepped up, among other things, the joint for folding of the screen. Also when competitors are Huawei the for summer in prospect of the Start of his Auffalt Smartphones is delayed according to the current state until the autumn.

Whether the smaller model actually comes on the market, but could also depend on the Cut of the first Fold model, Bloomberg reported. Samsung works on the device, with the American Designer Thom Browne to do it for customers that are more interested in fashion and luxury goods more attractive, it said.

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